Friday, November 29, 2013

Inspiration | Rinko Kikuchi Stars in Jalouse China December 2013 by Jumbo Tsui

Pacific Rim's Rinko Kikuchi stars in this month's Thinking Punk where she shows off her inner punk in the December cover story of Jalouse China in a rebellious chic fashion spread. The shoot uses looks from Kenzo's 2013 line and everything is done to the point with nose rings, fishnets, heavy rings, and big metallic bracelets. As a fan of Rinko's, I'm never disappointed with her shoots and editorials. She always has such dynamic and striking looks in every shot. In this particular editorial, Rinko looks particularly striking and definitely has the rocker chic look down pat. Everything from her smokey black liner to her dark plummy lipstick to her choppy mane. Kenzo's clothing looks like an absolute dream on her and I think this is probably one of my favourite editorials of hers, which is saying something since I'm in love with pretty much anything that has this goddess involved.

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