Saturday, November 9, 2013

Outfit | Checkered Bumblebee

This skirt is one of my favourite things ever. It's your basic circle skirt and it's just so fun to wear. I also love it because I can wear it through all the seasons that we get here in California. Plus, the checkered pattern is fun and cute. I always feel like twirling when I wear this skirt. Albeit, I did not do much twirling while wearing this skirt out and about running errands with my younger sister. I did dislike how warm out it was today though. It was something around 80-86 degrees and I was not amused. I was getting used to wearing cardigans and sweaters and then it gets warm for like two days. It's November. That is not right. This only strengthens my resolve in moving somewhere that gets all four seasons properly, instead of just the two-three and a half that we get here. And also, preferably somewhere that has amazing thrift stores and cutesy book shops and coffee shops. Actually, I just want my life to be one long indie romantic dramedy where I get to live my life to a killer indie pop soundtrack, have fun with friends all while maintaining a good connection with my family and a perfect part-time/full time job at a coffeeshop/bookshop where the owner is like mid to late twenties and he looks and dresses like Ned from Pushing Daisies. My coworkers would become like my harem involving a blond, a red head, and a brunette. Then I learn some tropey lessons like 'love yourself' and stuff and love sneaks up on me in the form of my boss and then we get a cute montage leading up to a quiet wedding, then us moving to London or I feel like I just wrote a romantic novel's premise or something.
Outfit Details: Ruffle Front Top (Thrifted) | B/W Checkered High Waist Skirt (H&M) | Black Waist Belt (Thrifted) | Yellow Tights (Target) | Black Flats (Forever 21)

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