Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Outfit | Cone of Ice Cream

It's weird, but there's something relaxing and therapeutic about photographing my outfits and taking a few minutes out of my (lazy) day to do it. I don't know what it is. I find that I enjoy taking photos and scrolling back through and editing them. It's fun and I enjoy making these posts. I don't really get to talk often about my personal style ideas and this blog is a way for me to express those ideas in photo and written form. I don't really know anybody who is as interested in personal style as I am except for other bloggers so it's nice to kind of talk about it on here. This blog also gets me out of my house during the day which is rare since I'm usually inside watching Netflix, tv, or sitting in my room blogging. 

Outfit Details: Ice Cream Print Dress (Forever 21, here) | Brown belt (thrifted) | Nude/Off White loafers (thrifted) | Sheer Lace Peter Pan Collar Tank (thrifted)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Outfit | Cats and Collars

This is probably one of my favourite thrifting finds. I bought it at a Goodwill and it's from Forever 21. I had been looking for this cat print dress everywhere and I just stumbled upon it. It was destined to be! I wore the outfit without the collared shirt at school. I had to put it on when I went to the hospital because the dress can be a little bit risque in the bust area. But I love cats and I love dresses, so this is a dream come true. And you can't see it, but there's a little bit of lace paneling in the the shoulder area too. The only thing I dislike about this dress is that the slip is SO much shorter than the outer shell. Also, my hair has been acting odd all day. It can't decide what it's doing and it so annoying. I'm going to get a pixie cut soon so that I won't have to worry about this anymore. It was ridiculously hot today (91 degrees) and I was dying but I had to wear a cardigan because one of my classes today is always COLD which I loved. It's going to be so much hotter in the summer and I am not looking forward to that.

Outfit Details: Cat print dress (thrifted) | Sandals (GoJane.com) | Purple cardigan (ViVis) | Sheer Peter Pan collar (thrifted) | Black waist belt (thrifted)

Inspiration | Fashion...

"Outside of that there is the question of what do you mean by 'interested in fashion?' I think it's often used to mean an interest in shopping and dressing yourself 'cutely', which aside from antique malls I actually sort of loathe the shopping experience (malls suck). If someone is interested in sports though it isn't described as a homogenous group--someone interested in soccer isn't automatically assumed to be interested in baseball or football. Similarly fashion is just as diverse. Are you interested in personal style, or do you follow runway collections, or perhaps is it fashion photography that really inspires you? If it is personal style, do you enjoy following trends or do you like some particular sub-group like grunge or goth or vintage looks? Someone interested in trends is at a vastly different end of the fashion spectrum than someone who predominantly dresses from a specific past decade. This isn't to say one is superior to the other, or liking to shop is somehow more shameful than appreciating runway collections. The point is: fashion is actually a really broad, diverse term and not a proper description of someone's passion."

I post this quote because I think Rebecca discusses something that is very accurate. Fashion IS an extremely broad and diverse term. It used to be awkward for me when I'd explain why I like fashion because people DO assume that it just means shopping and dressing yourself "cutely" when it really is more than that. For example, personally, I'm interested in personal style, sometimes I like to see what trends are popular, and I'm definitely into the sub-group of vintage looks. Now, it's gotten easier for me to explain to people like my mom and aunties what I mean when I say I'm interested in and love fashion. I don't mean that I want to design runaway collections or work in the industry, I'm just interested in other things within the term of fashion. For those of you who don't follow Rebecca's personal style blog, The Clothes Horse, you should definitely take a look at it. It's a great read and she's kind of become a personal style inspiration to me since she wears a lot of styles and silhouettes that I'm fond of and wear myself. She's also a really fantastic writer and artist.
Anyways, I would still list fashion as in interest, it's just difficult to be more precise about it and I have a difficult time explaining things so there's that. And also, sometimes people laugh at me when I say it's an interest and automatically assume things about it. For example, from the way that I dress and my interests, people assume that I am a hipster and that I love shopping. One, I deny being a hipster because I don't ironically like things like that terrible film "The Room", or knitting, or being into someone like Justin Bieber just because. I genuinely adore the things I'm interested in and I'm offended that people just write me off as a hipster and sometimes even an MPDG because of how I dress, how I act, what I like, and my short hair. It sucks and I don't appreciate being depersonalized because of who I am. And two, I do like shopping but it all depends. I hate the mall, but I like certain stores at the mall. I love to shop through thrift stores, antique houses, and estate sales, but other than that, I am not a mall-loving shopper. Majority of my clothes have been acquired through thrifting and online shopping. 
Long story short, fashion is and always will be a broad and diverse term that can be difficult to explain to people as an interest because there is the need to be more precise but sometimes, that can be difficult too. Luckily, I've kind of pinpointed what in fashion I love and am interested in.

Outfit | A Reception of Yorks and Kings (Late Post)

This is a late post from April 27th when I went to a friend's casual wedding reception. Her and her husband are absolutely adorable and I wish that I had taken photos because it was beautiful especially in the spring evening. It was Harry Potter themed and all of the guests received wands upon entering and there were "floating" candles and tables modeled after the four Houses like in the Great Hall and it just, everything was beautiful and I was so happy to see my friend and her husband and they just look so happy and in love and it was just beautiful. Unfortunately, because I can be kind of quiet and introverted at times, I didn't take pictures, which is a shame. It truly was a sight and I love seeing families and friends come together and everyone smiling and chatting with one another. Pictures of that would have been beautiful because there is something truly remarkable about "in-the-moment" pictures. Gah...next time hopefully.
Anyways, I've been kind of into the whole tying a button up shirt up at the waist thing if you haven't noticed. I don't know why, but it just kind of pulls together an outfit. Thank you Elsie (A Beautiful Mess) for showing me the awesomeness of tying shirts in the front. I'm also wearing the red flats I got from Forever 21 because I'm breaking them in and oh my gosh, they hurt at first, but now they're comfy and snug. I also adore this top because it has a swan print. My love for Forever 21 is so apparent in this outfit since everything is from the store. It's usually hit or miss with them for me, but recently they've had a lot of nice pieces that blend well with the rest of my thrifted wardrobe, especially because they've been selling a lot more vintage-inspired pieces that are affordable. The quality could be better, but again, it's hit or miss. I've been lucky that the pieces I've bought from Forever 21 have been quality pieces that have yet to break down.

Outfit Details: Sweetheart dress, Swan print button up, and red flats (Forever 21)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Outfit | Dot Fever

I recently got this top in the mail from an instagram shop (@Gilded_Lily) which is where I've been buying a lot of thrifted pieces. This top is perfect for spring, probably not spring here in the valley since it gets too hot, but it is perfect. The colour is this gorgeous light pink and the polka dots are an added extra, especially because polka dots are one of my favourite patterns to wear. The black skirt is a fun neutral piece because it's light, has a flattering shape, and is a good length on my small height (I'm 4'11" :b). I would have normally worn slippers or sandals with this, but the flats add an extra pop of cherry red colour that I think is adorable. I'm also wearing a tinted lip balm that I save for special occasions, but it made me feel prettier than usual so I will probably sport this the rest of the day.

Outfit Details: Polka dot button up (thrifted) | Black high waist pleated skirt (Forever 21) | Red bow flats (Forever 21)| Black sunnies (Urban Outfitters)

Outfit | A Day at the Park (late)

I meant to post this yesterday/last night but I had gone to a free movie night at the drive-in and we went to Denny's and stayed for a bit so I got home REALLY late and I was way too tired to make this post. Anyways, I rarely go to the park near my house because it's too hot, there's always too many people at the park, and this park is right next to my old high school. Surprisingly enough, there weren't very many people, it wasn't too hot it was windy, and all the high school kids were already gone because of the minimum day. It was awkward taking these photos because there was a family at the park with my sister and I, and I could just tell that the mom was wondering what two asian girls were doing taking pictures at the park. Despite that, we ignored them and happily continued to take pictures. I really love this skirt because it's so comfy and so fun to wear. I have it in black as well and I nearly bought them in all the colours but they were out of my size for those ones. 

Outfit Details: Chiffon ruffle front blouse (thrifted) | Striped green cardigan (thrifted) | High waist coral polka dot skirt (Forever 21) | Brown oxfords (thrifted) | Ruffle ankle socks (Forever 21) | Brown shoulder bag (Target) | Sunnies (Urban Outfitters) | Black waist belt (thrifted)

Pictures taken by my sister.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Style Stakes of The Great Gatsby

In Vogue Australia, they did an editorial on the style of the characters in the upcoming film "The Great Gatsby". If you saw my earlier post on Carey Mulligan's photoshoot for Vogue, then you already know how much I love this novel and how excited I am for this film. This editorial only proves that despite what I had first thought about the casting (I was side-eyeing Tobey Maguire as Nick) that this casting is pretty perfect. Even Isla Fisher as Myrtle seems like a pretty good casting decision considering I always assumed Myrtle was going to be a thicker woman, but I guess Isla is a thicker woman for the 1920s. Style wise, I am in love with the wardrobe decisions in this film. Every outfit is just so perfect for each character and now I can't help but daydream about wearing the fragile, airy dresses of Daisy or wearing the sleek, eye-catching dresses of Jordan and Catherine.

(Seriously, these women's wardrobe is absolute perfection. Can I just have all their dresses and shoes? I'm also dying to chop my hair into a pixie-like bob like Daisy's. So much pretty and manageable hair.)

Magazine: Vogue Australia May 2013

Editorial: The Style Stakes

Celebs: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Jason Clarke, Elizabeth Debicki, Isla Fisher, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, & Adelaide Clemens

Photographer: Hugh Stewart

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Outfit | Spring Sisters

Today was a stressful day. I got home from class hungry because I didn't have time to eat breakfast and lunch. As soon as I got home, I left with my dad to pick up my sister from the high school down the street. We were supposed to get food afterwards, but we ended up going to Kaiser to get my sister's physical form signed for cheer. What should have been a fifteen-twenty minute wait ended up being a two hour wait. I was irritated and not happy and my sister and I were arguing every ten minutes. By the time we left, got our food, and went home, we were on better terms. Such good terms, that I asked her if she wouldn't mind being featured here because her outfit today was simple and cute. She said yes!

Outfit Details: Striped Crop Top (thrifted) | High waist skirt (ViVis) | Black belt (thrifted) | Car print sunnies (museum gift store) | Purple cardigan (ViVis) | Pink and creme sandals (GoJane.com)

 Outfit Details: Black dress (PLNDR - from me) | Black braid belt (gift) | Sandals (borrowed from me)

So yeah, today started out really badly and continued to get bad but then it stopped and now I feel better. Now, I'm off to write a bit for my writing blog and study for my geology exam tomorrow. I'll probably be back with random style posts though since I get bored A LOT.

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Life | Mint Julep

I was feeling down today after classes so I went to the nearest Goodwill and found these two tops. I bought the mint blue top on the left because the whole look of it looks like something from ModCloth or Ruche except fractions cheaper. I  bought it for $5 and although I have to sew the sleeves since the buttons are gone, I think this is worth it. It's a gorgeous colour that will work all year and the fabric is cotton so it'll definitely be a spring/summer staple for me. The creme top with red polka dots was a no go however. I loved the print but the fabric and fit of the top just felt unflattering on me. The fabric isn't breathable. At all. So I knew that this would probably end up being an autumn-only top which I don't really like. I like having clothes that can go through the seasons and this didn't fit that. On top of that, the fit felt awkward on me and this top is too sheer to wear without an undershirt so I didn't get it. Instead, I ended up buying an extra casual autumn jacket. All in all, I spent $13 and I feel like it was well spent. I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of the two pieces.

I'm also waiting on some orders from Instagram shops, Forever 21, and a ModCloth-like store (can't recall the name). I literally spent all of the money from my last babysitting and tutoring jobs. Ah well...

Daisy of the Jazz Age

I loved The Great Gatsby in high school when we read it. I loved all of the symbolism and while in class discussing it, I'd doodled pictures of what I thought the characters looked like and their outfits as described in the novel. Carey Mulligan is exactly who I imagined for Daisy and she looks perfect on the cover of this month's Vogue. Actually, scratch that, she looks pretty perfect all of the time, but I think the jazz age look just FITS her. Now, if you didn't buy this month's issue, feel free to look at the pictures I have found:

Great Expectations: 

The Inimitable Carey Mulligan

by Tom Shone | photographed by Mario Testino

If you can though, try and pick up the issue because the whole thing is gorgeous.

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