Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outfit | Daydreaming

 Most of the time this summer has been spent reading, working on my Reapers novel, doodling,  watching movies/tv shows, and trying to figure out what kind of content to post on my YouTube channel. This has meant that I've spent majority of my summer indoors in front of my laptop working away typing, reading a well loved Harry Potter book, filming videos and then refilming, and then of course, randomly playing my uke. During this time, I tend to daydream. It usually occurs when I'm doodling and when I'm playing around with my uke. It's weird how daydreaming happens. Like one minute you're totally focused on something (well usually barely) and then all of a sudden your eyes lose focus and you're suddenly in a battlefield, in a castle, anywhere. Lately, when I've been daydreaming, I've been going away to colder climates with old castles and ruins where magic and legends aren't just stories, they're a part of history. I've also been daydreaming about boarding schools and London, so same old, same old.

I've also often dreamt of being swept away in an adventure in an enchanted book or by the Doctor. I used to hate these daydreams because I'd always be in some sort of position where my wearing dresses/skirts is detrimental to me succeeding/surviving. Thanks to the recent companions of the Doctor though, this is obviously no longer a problem since Amy, River, and even Clara were able to keep up while in dresses and heels even. Although, in my rare zombie daydreams, my wearing dresses is most definitely a problem. I do love daydreaming, but sometimes, it can become day-nightmaring (is this a real thing) and it sucks.

(Outfit Details: Denim Dress: Thrifted | Black Smoker Flats: Forever 21 | Black Satchel: | Brown Belt: Thrifted | Black Heart Earrings: Forever 21 | Blue Sunnies (not pictured): ModCloth)

June Favourites

So basically, I did a June Favourites vide on my YouTube a few days ago. I'm including it here because I talk about something that is personal style related. I bring up a drugstore brand lipstick that I've been wearing and loving.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Inspiration: India Stoker

Mia Wasikowska as India Stoker

Today, I finally got the chance to see Park Chan Wook's Stoker. The film stars Mia Wasikowska (above), Matthew Goode, and Nicole Kidman. It's basically a coming of age/loss of innocence film with the added element of murder and genetic mental illness. The film itself is chock-full of symbolism and hidden meanings. I absolutely loved it. Stylistically, this film was shot in a way that I haven't seen from any other films this year. Because of that, the script, which has a used and abused theme, feels new and nuanced, especially with the subtlety of Wasikowska, Goode, and Kidman. This film is just brilliant in all matters. I can't get over how much I love this film. The symbolism, hidden meanings, the acting, the script, and the wardrobe are all on point. And Park is still a brilliant director. 

Moving on to another reason I loved this film: the wardrobe. India Stoker has a wardrobe that I wouldn't mind owning. Her wardrobe is also used to chronicle her movement into womanhood i.e. loss of innocence. This is shown through her shoes as seen below. All in all, India's wardrobe is something to marvel at. Flirty, sheer dresses that hint at her burgeoning womanhood all the while keeping an air of innocence to her through the muted or pastel colours and the youthful collars on her gorgeous button-ups. As the film progresses, we see her wardrobe taking on a slightly more mature shape to go along with the crocodile skin heels that she wears in place of the childish saddle shoes.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Outfit | Father's Day

Today my family and I celebrated the important men in our family: our fathers. Now, my dad is quite amazing. Not only did he raise my sister and I, he did it by himself. Our mom left when I was 7 years old and though my dad was heartbroken, he still raised Aleah and I with love, nerdiness, understanding, and happiness. He's supported me through all of my blunders and even though he makes fun of me for my YouTube and this blog, he still supports me. Even now, when I'm unable to find a decent job, he still supports me. I love my dad, his influence is why I am the way I am today. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be as nerdy, as creative, and as awkward as I am. Through my dad, I learned that even if life throws you and pummels you into the ground, you can still get up and survive and find happiness. And even though my younger sister is cold and emotionless towards my dad, he still loves and babies her, even when she doesn't deserve it sometimes. My dad is too good for my sister and I and I am thankful that he is my dad. 

On a less emotional note, I have been waiting to wear this dress all summer. I bought it/thrifted it from an Instagram shop (@vtgyuyu) and when it came in the post, I couldn't get over how nice the fabric is and how gorgeous pattern is. I was so happy I was able to wear it today. I was afraid that with all of my aunties and uncles' babies, that one of them might throw up on me, but nope! I carried almost every baby and none threw up on me. Winning! Today was just a fantastic day filled with some much needed family time. It's funny, because sometimes, I can't wait to get away from family, but other times, I realize just how much I missed them and how much fun I have when I'm with them.

(Eeeeks! My battle wounds from my cat Digsby!)

 (Outfit Details: Floral Dress: Thrifted/IG | Light Pink Short Sleeved Cardigan: Target | Green Purse: Thrifted | Purple Platforms: ModCloth | Floral Sunnies: Forever 21 | Heart Necklace: Gift)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Outfit | Steel

I went with my dad to go see "Man of Steel" this morning. I'm not a huge fan of DC Comics and of Super Man so I went into this movie with fairly low expectations. I came out of the film fairly satisfied but not impressed, except visually, I was totally impressed because Zach Snyder's visuals are always so intensely gorgeous. Anyways, as my dad and I stupidly waited for an easter egg at the end of the film (there's none), I was listening to the chatter of the people around me. There were people in their thirties and over, like my father, who couldn't stop praising the film and it was obvious to me from their conversation that they were all hardcore Super Man fans like my dad. And then there were people in my age group and younger, here there was a very definitive divide between those who liked the film and those who hated it. I think I fall in the middle since I didn't hate it with a passion like everyone else I know had but I didn't like it as much as others. It got me thinking, are we younger fans more difficult to impress with the nerdier films? Because I've noticed that films my other comic book friends (in my age group) hated (Iron Man 3 as an example), older fans like my dad and his friends who are major comic book fanatics loved. 

Then I realized that as a generation, mine is far more critical than those before us. I've seen friends critique and tear apart nerdy films that myself, my father, and his friends fairly liked (in my dad and his friends' cases, loved). You'd think that growing up addicted to this stuff, that my dad's generation of comic book lovers would be more critical of their childhood icons being put on the silver screen, but no. They're appreciative and love it. In the case of "Man of Steel", I've noticed that the general consensus among people in my age group who have read the old comic books, seen the shows, and old movies, hated it outright, pointing out all of the cons of the film and forgoing the pros. On the other hand, older generations, like my dad's, enjoyed the film A LOT. The people who we talked to after the film loved the film and thought that despite the changes, it was a fantastic Super Man film. I'm not saying that every comic book fan in my generation hated it but the generality is that my generation of comic book fans would rather have written the film themselves. That's how much they disliked it. When I asked my dad why he loved it so much, he couldn't vocalize exactly why. He instead pointed out all the things I liked about the film as reasons he loved it: the fight scenes were well executed in that Snyder way that I love, the visuals were gorgeous, casting was on point, and they included little things from the comic book that previous adaptations hadn't. 

I liked the film, enough to say that I would watch it again and would watch a sequel (which is in the talks). To the silent cries of "WHYYYY?" I have no answer other than this movie made me like Super Man a little bit more and that's saying A LOT considering he is my least favourite super hero EVER. Some people might say that my liking this film even this much (along with Iron Man 3) that I should have my nerd card revoked, I say suck it. This nerd elitism, that I myself am guilty of concerning Doctor Who, Veronica Mars, Community, and most novel fandoms, is seven hells of annoying. Not most can say that they're first reading book was an issue of a Marvel comic book, but I can. You don't see me parading it around like I deserve to be treated like some nerd queen. So don't you come around here like some special snowflake just because you read a few of the newer issues. If you didn't dislike the film, that's great, but don't go telling me that I'm not a "real" nerd because I liked it because my dad and his friends most likely beat your nerdness and they loved it. /rant

(Outfit Details: Suspender skirt/Jumper: Thrifted | Striped Lace Peter Pan Collar/Coral Flats: Forever 21 | Black Satchel: | Blue Sunnies: ModCloth) 

Ugh. I only have one picture from outside because it got too hot and I was getting too tempted to just tear my clothes off and go swimming.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inspiration | Sailor Soldier

I haven't been posting much because I haven't exactly left my house much. I have, however, been re-watching a lot of anime that I used to watch when I was growing up. One in particular, "Sailor Moon" is my absolute favourite anime. I found the following on tumblr and thought to post it here since people tend to completely write off the feminist themes in the show because of how scantily clad the Sailor Soldiers are.

Sailor Moon is my perfect heroine. She may not be yours or the world’s, but she is mine. In a mostly male household, you can image what the TV schedule was like. Baseball, football, DBZ, Transformers, etc. I enjoyed all of those, but nothing ever left such an impact on me since then like Sailor Moon. If Goku was my Prince Charming, Sailor Moon was my Superman and she remains so until this day.
And for someone whose sat through the entity of the DC reboot, who has seen female characters been mistreated, Sailor Moon is a glowing example of what I wish DC would look at and see as being a good female warrior. For once, let’s disregard the mini skirts and the v-neck blouses and the high heels and get down to what Sailor Moon is really about.
An immature girl who thought she was good for nothing that was given power and used it, becoming not only the future monarchy of the world but the personification of all that is good in the Universe. It underlined the need to remember inner power and how to keep alive. That every one of those girls—Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto—were all important, no matter what their flaws may have been, they could still kick ass, take names, and love themselves. That, YES, you could be as sexy as you wanted to be and still be more then a pretty picture.
Sailor Moon gave me a variety of females to look up to, doing the job that every role model should be doing.
Does Sailor Moon have its flaws? Yes. Is it perfect? No. Is there somethings I wish I could switch around? Sure! But that doesn’t change the fact that the show not only oftered me a heroine that was just a normal kid, it gave me a romance that was based on Sailor Moon having to save her man. And Tuxedo Mask was totally cool with that. He didn’t get macho about it. He stepped down, gave her all the power and space she needed, and smiled while doing so. There was never a moment where Tuxedo Mask overshadowed her and he shined in his own damn (and hilarious) way.
Also, DC, do me a favor and look up Sailor Moon’s art. You might learn from that fact that Naoko presented sexy scenes and nude scenes alike in very tasteful manner. Plenty of times the girls are seen nude, but never for sexual gratification. It was always to show them in deep thought, getting them down to their purest state so they receive more power. Usagi’s final fight with Chaos at the end of the manga, where she sheds her clothing as she releases all her pure energy so that she can defeat its darkness, is probably the most beautiful frame in the entire manga. And you know what? She’s naked! And know what else? It doesn’t make me cringe. A-mazing!
 What I’m getting at here is that, at the end of the day, no matter how many characters I see ripped apart for the male eye—and why yes, I am quite aware that during times the anime used such things as transformation scenes to pull in a male audience, but they do so tastefully—Sailor Moon still has enough self-respect to make me smile. She’s clumsy. She’s pushy. She’s easily hurt. But you know what? She’s beautiful to me and no one will ever ruin her.
And this was added on through a reblog:
Nudity is also genuinely viewed as a symbol of purity rather than titillation in Japanese culture quite often. You can usually spot when it’s being used in that context. The end of both the Sailor Moon anime and manga are clearly supposed to be like that, especially since Usagi got angel wings to complete the picture.
Anyway, I obviously agree with all of the above. Sailor Moon allows women to be the protagonists of their own story, be the most powerful people on the page and to be varied in traits and interests and still be this huge sisterhood. I guess what really always bothered me about DC and Marvel and I’m seeing most blatantly in the reboot is that the women are always second class. Even when I find a good female driven title, it has be made clear she’s second to the boys. And any female characters or titles can just…well, they’re always undermined and they can be easily yanked out from under me and tossed into limbo or “rebooted” to suit the taste of a hormone driven fanboy.  See most recently Starfire (who was already very appealing to hormone driven fanboys but NOPE NOT ENOUGH let’s rob her of agency that sure turns em on!). 
So to have a superhero comic (I do consider SM very much a superhero- she’s my superman too. Plus she called herself a superhero once in the anime so there) that’s just so completely and utterly female driven- female relationships and female power- with the heroes never being undermined in any way and the most powerful being in the universe (who is even more powerful than Superman, I’m sorry, and probably more messiah paragon of goodly) being a woman- it’s just very special to me. And all of the characters are flawed and conflicted but they’re still so awesome and have SO much agency- it’s just very special to me. 
And yeah, the fact that it’s written by woman is really important for the story and makes male gaze not as big an issue despite the skimpy outfits- all of the manga images are so tasteful and I’m never bothered by them. The characters are always so in charge of how they present themselves and their sexuality, so that’s all I ask for.

As a huge fan of the show, I can honestly say that I agree with everything here. On top of that, I loved how the Soldiers were styled outside of their battle outfits. There was something about how the soldiers everyday style that was elegant, youthful, and fun. Even now, thirteen years later, I still find myself swooning over a lot of the outfits that Naoko designed for these women. A lot of these are pictures of artbook scans that I've collected over the years so I don't have sources for them. 

(omgsh I love Haruka so much!)

(Not any of the Sailor Soldiers, but I loved these girls so much. They were fun and fantastically styled. Good job Naoko!)

(Not really style related, but this is one of my favourite pictures of Ami.)

( I just love Haruka and Michiru so much.)

I can't get over how amazing Naoko's art is. I loved reading the "Sailor Moon" manga growing up, but of course, I lost my whole collection of the manga and original single issue comic books when we moved houses when I was 7 years old. It still breaks my heart to this day. 

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