Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outfit | Daydreaming

 Most of the time this summer has been spent reading, working on my Reapers novel, doodling,  watching movies/tv shows, and trying to figure out what kind of content to post on my YouTube channel. This has meant that I've spent majority of my summer indoors in front of my laptop working away typing, reading a well loved Harry Potter book, filming videos and then refilming, and then of course, randomly playing my uke. During this time, I tend to daydream. It usually occurs when I'm doodling and when I'm playing around with my uke. It's weird how daydreaming happens. Like one minute you're totally focused on something (well usually barely) and then all of a sudden your eyes lose focus and you're suddenly in a battlefield, in a castle, anywhere. Lately, when I've been daydreaming, I've been going away to colder climates with old castles and ruins where magic and legends aren't just stories, they're a part of history. I've also been daydreaming about boarding schools and London, so same old, same old.

I've also often dreamt of being swept away in an adventure in an enchanted book or by the Doctor. I used to hate these daydreams because I'd always be in some sort of position where my wearing dresses/skirts is detrimental to me succeeding/surviving. Thanks to the recent companions of the Doctor though, this is obviously no longer a problem since Amy, River, and even Clara were able to keep up while in dresses and heels even. Although, in my rare zombie daydreams, my wearing dresses is most definitely a problem. I do love daydreaming, but sometimes, it can become day-nightmaring (is this a real thing) and it sucks.

(Outfit Details: Denim Dress: Thrifted | Black Smoker Flats: Forever 21 | Black Satchel: | Brown Belt: Thrifted | Black Heart Earrings: Forever 21 | Blue Sunnies (not pictured): ModCloth)

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