Friday, June 14, 2013

Outfit | Steel

I went with my dad to go see "Man of Steel" this morning. I'm not a huge fan of DC Comics and of Super Man so I went into this movie with fairly low expectations. I came out of the film fairly satisfied but not impressed, except visually, I was totally impressed because Zach Snyder's visuals are always so intensely gorgeous. Anyways, as my dad and I stupidly waited for an easter egg at the end of the film (there's none), I was listening to the chatter of the people around me. There were people in their thirties and over, like my father, who couldn't stop praising the film and it was obvious to me from their conversation that they were all hardcore Super Man fans like my dad. And then there were people in my age group and younger, here there was a very definitive divide between those who liked the film and those who hated it. I think I fall in the middle since I didn't hate it with a passion like everyone else I know had but I didn't like it as much as others. It got me thinking, are we younger fans more difficult to impress with the nerdier films? Because I've noticed that films my other comic book friends (in my age group) hated (Iron Man 3 as an example), older fans like my dad and his friends who are major comic book fanatics loved. 

Then I realized that as a generation, mine is far more critical than those before us. I've seen friends critique and tear apart nerdy films that myself, my father, and his friends fairly liked (in my dad and his friends' cases, loved). You'd think that growing up addicted to this stuff, that my dad's generation of comic book lovers would be more critical of their childhood icons being put on the silver screen, but no. They're appreciative and love it. In the case of "Man of Steel", I've noticed that the general consensus among people in my age group who have read the old comic books, seen the shows, and old movies, hated it outright, pointing out all of the cons of the film and forgoing the pros. On the other hand, older generations, like my dad's, enjoyed the film A LOT. The people who we talked to after the film loved the film and thought that despite the changes, it was a fantastic Super Man film. I'm not saying that every comic book fan in my generation hated it but the generality is that my generation of comic book fans would rather have written the film themselves. That's how much they disliked it. When I asked my dad why he loved it so much, he couldn't vocalize exactly why. He instead pointed out all the things I liked about the film as reasons he loved it: the fight scenes were well executed in that Snyder way that I love, the visuals were gorgeous, casting was on point, and they included little things from the comic book that previous adaptations hadn't. 

I liked the film, enough to say that I would watch it again and would watch a sequel (which is in the talks). To the silent cries of "WHYYYY?" I have no answer other than this movie made me like Super Man a little bit more and that's saying A LOT considering he is my least favourite super hero EVER. Some people might say that my liking this film even this much (along with Iron Man 3) that I should have my nerd card revoked, I say suck it. This nerd elitism, that I myself am guilty of concerning Doctor Who, Veronica Mars, Community, and most novel fandoms, is seven hells of annoying. Not most can say that they're first reading book was an issue of a Marvel comic book, but I can. You don't see me parading it around like I deserve to be treated like some nerd queen. So don't you come around here like some special snowflake just because you read a few of the newer issues. If you didn't dislike the film, that's great, but don't go telling me that I'm not a "real" nerd because I liked it because my dad and his friends most likely beat your nerdness and they loved it. /rant

(Outfit Details: Suspender skirt/Jumper: Thrifted | Striped Lace Peter Pan Collar/Coral Flats: Forever 21 | Black Satchel: | Blue Sunnies: ModCloth) 

Ugh. I only have one picture from outside because it got too hot and I was getting too tempted to just tear my clothes off and go swimming.

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