Saturday, November 30, 2013

Outfit | Green Spots

This cardigan is rarely worn because as much as I love its softness and the particular shade of green of the spots, the patterning is a bit louder than the prints I'm used to wearing. It is so soft though and I felt like being a bit more "louder" than usual so I thought that if I'm going to wear leopard print, I'm going to double up and wear it with my spotted leopard dress. I was sort of thankful it wasn't as chilly as I'd like today because the fabric of this dress is quite thin. I mean, I was definitely warm enough with my tights, cardigan, and scarf (that I've been wearing TOO often), but if it had been just a bit chillier, I definitely would have had to search around my car for a spare coat. As it is, I didn't do much. I just had to babysit for a family friend and then I went back to my mom's for a relaxing afternoon/evening of Lifetime holiday movies, one such movie being "Love at the Christmas Table", which is basically the cutest film ever. I thought that the lead actress was a tad miscasted since she's in her forties and was playing a girl in her teen years and aging up into her early thirties. But despite that, her and the male lead (Dustin Milligan is a complete cutie) were really adorable together and I freaking love height difference couples and they definitely had it and oh my goodness, it was perfect. I absolutely love the days where I'm dressed to be whisked away at any second for an adventure but also dressed comfy enough where I can lounge around like a lazybutt. Anyway, fun relaxing day not braving the "black Friday" crowds. Ooh! And I was productive. I finished a speech and a powerpoint for one of my classes and made good progress on my anthropology term paper. It's my history term paper that I'm mostly worried about. Eeeeks. Can the semester just end?
Outfit Details: Mint Green Spotted Cardigan (Thrifted) | Infinity Scarf (Lace Affair) | Spotted Leopard Dress (Marshall's) | Green Tights (Target) | Brown Boots (Gifted) | Rings (Gifted)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Inspiration | Rinko Kikuchi Stars in Jalouse China December 2013 by Jumbo Tsui

Pacific Rim's Rinko Kikuchi stars in this month's Thinking Punk where she shows off her inner punk in the December cover story of Jalouse China in a rebellious chic fashion spread. The shoot uses looks from Kenzo's 2013 line and everything is done to the point with nose rings, fishnets, heavy rings, and big metallic bracelets. As a fan of Rinko's, I'm never disappointed with her shoots and editorials. She always has such dynamic and striking looks in every shot. In this particular editorial, Rinko looks particularly striking and definitely has the rocker chic look down pat. Everything from her smokey black liner to her dark plummy lipstick to her choppy mane. Kenzo's clothing looks like an absolute dream on her and I think this is probably one of my favourite editorials of hers, which is saying something since I'm in love with pretty much anything that has this goddess involved.

Inspiration | Joan Watson (Elementary)

I don't know why it's taken me so long to do an inspiration post on Joan Watson from CBS' Elementary. Her style is so freaking gorgeous. I'd wear practically everything that Joan sports on the show. It's the perfect blend of sophistication, edginess, and girlyness. I bought a pair of ankle boots because Joan always wears some pair of chic ankle boots. Plus, I don't ever see any Asian woman on television that aren't fetishized into some stereotypical caricature of Asian culture, so I kind of immediately latched onto Joan as a genderbent/racebent John Watson. As a character, Joan holds her own against the men in this show, Sherlock included. She's always calling the other male characters out on their sexism and like they should, they apologize to her because everyone knows that Joan is a HBIC. Her style definitely reflects that. She dresses in dresses, skirts, and pants that are all confidence and style. She pretty much lights up any crime scene that her and Sherlock investigate. It definitely helps that Joan is played by the ethereal queen, Lucy Liu. If I adored having long hair, I would definitely be envious of Lucy's hair cape. I mean, there are some gorgeous moments in Elementary that just highlight her and her hair. It's kind of distracting. And then there are the coats and scarves that Joan wears. SO MUCH WARDROBE ENVY. All of her coats are functional and fashionable and I can't with the shapes of them. A lot of Joan's silhouettes vary between flaring out mid-thigh or asymmetrical lines and every shape in between. And damn, Lucy rocks every outfit that she's styled in. If you want to get Joan's look, you can look to Sheinside or Oasap for moderately affordable coats, dresses, and shoes similar to Joan's. If you want the real deal, you're going to need to be ready to shell out a couple hundred dollars for one coat, one pair of shoes, or one dress. I'm not kidding. Joan's outfits are comprised of some VERY pricey pieces. It makes me wonder just how much Sherlock is paying her. 


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Outfit | Salamat

The title of this post is Tagalog for "thank you". I thought it appropriate since this post will be going up Thanksgiving morning. Some things that I'm incredibly thankful for include the privilege to be able to live my life the way I do, my friends, fandom, and my family. There are many material things that I am thankful for, but those four are definitely at the top of my things that I hold dear to my heart.

I am thankful for being able to go to college and be able to go at my own pace. People often forget that going to school is a privilege and I think that more of us need to be reminded that there are people in the world who yearn for education but don't have the means to have it and so, I am thankful that I'm one of the lucky people able to have an education. I'm thankful for my friends because I love them, I love my friends. They are all so inspiring, intelligent, and beautiful and I am so incredibly thankful that I can call them friends and that I get to be included in their stories. I just love my friends a lot. Now, fandom. Fandom has gotten me through some of the worst times, it has strengthened friendships, and like my friends, has inspired me to live my life to its fullest. Fandom is just such an amazing thing because without it, I wouldn't have met some amazing friends and made connections with people in other countries. Fandom is basically like a second family to me. So many fandom friends just GET me and I am so thankful for that. Eeeh, I am saying thankful a lot but hey, I really am thankful. Now, lastly, I am thankful for my family. My parents are divorced so I have two families. Both families are amazing, supportive, and some of the best people I know. Of course, both of my families can also stress me out, make me feel like I'm inadequate, and of course, guilt me into family functions. But at the end of the day, I love them and I know that they love me and I am thankful for that because I don't have just one family, I have two...well, actually, if you count fandom/friends, I have like three...Welp, I'm incredibly thankful is what I'm trying to say.
Outfit Details: V-Neck Black Sweater (Thrifted) | Infinity Scarf (Lace Affair) | Black Waist Belt (Thrifted) | High Waist Coral Skirt (Forever 21) | Black Tights (Target) | Black Oxfords (Thrifted) | Navy Trench (ViVi's) | Rings (Gifted)

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