Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Outfit | Watermelon

My friend said I slightly resembled a watermelon in my outfit's colour choices. I was okay with that, hence the title of today's post. Anyway, it was perfectly cold and sunny. It's finally getting to be the kind of autumn chill day that I've been waiting so eagerly for. Of course, with the chill of winter coming also means end of the term papers and projects. I already have two term papers (one for Anthropology and another for History) and a portfolio featuring editing and reworked essays from the whole term for my English class. I'm worried not because it's difficult but because I tend to find myself getting distracted and procrastinating. I need to finish and pass my classes this semester because after the spring semester (if I pass all my classes that semester and this semester too), then I'm finally ready to transfer. I was originally planning on transferring to Reed College or Willamette University but both private liberal arts colleges are completely out of my affordability at $55,000+ a year. Even with the financial aid offered by both schools, I still wouldn't be able to afford even with loans so I'm defaulting to a CSU. I do plan on hopefully attending one of them (particularly Willamette) for graduate school though. And it'll be such a pleasant change from CSULA (where I plan on transferring). Aaah, the American school system...anyone ever feel like just going to sleep and waking up with a Bachelors, a Masters, a job, a cute flat/apartment, and being financially stable? 
Outfit Details: Grey High Waist Skirt (ViVis) | Violet Pinstriped Button Up (Thrifted) | Cardigan (Thrifted) | Belt (Thrifted) | Green Tights (Target) | Black Oxfords (Thrifted)

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