Saturday, November 30, 2013

Outfit | Green Spots

This cardigan is rarely worn because as much as I love its softness and the particular shade of green of the spots, the patterning is a bit louder than the prints I'm used to wearing. It is so soft though and I felt like being a bit more "louder" than usual so I thought that if I'm going to wear leopard print, I'm going to double up and wear it with my spotted leopard dress. I was sort of thankful it wasn't as chilly as I'd like today because the fabric of this dress is quite thin. I mean, I was definitely warm enough with my tights, cardigan, and scarf (that I've been wearing TOO often), but if it had been just a bit chillier, I definitely would have had to search around my car for a spare coat. As it is, I didn't do much. I just had to babysit for a family friend and then I went back to my mom's for a relaxing afternoon/evening of Lifetime holiday movies, one such movie being "Love at the Christmas Table", which is basically the cutest film ever. I thought that the lead actress was a tad miscasted since she's in her forties and was playing a girl in her teen years and aging up into her early thirties. But despite that, her and the male lead (Dustin Milligan is a complete cutie) were really adorable together and I freaking love height difference couples and they definitely had it and oh my goodness, it was perfect. I absolutely love the days where I'm dressed to be whisked away at any second for an adventure but also dressed comfy enough where I can lounge around like a lazybutt. Anyway, fun relaxing day not braving the "black Friday" crowds. Ooh! And I was productive. I finished a speech and a powerpoint for one of my classes and made good progress on my anthropology term paper. It's my history term paper that I'm mostly worried about. Eeeeks. Can the semester just end?
Outfit Details: Mint Green Spotted Cardigan (Thrifted) | Infinity Scarf (Lace Affair) | Spotted Leopard Dress (Marshall's) | Green Tights (Target) | Brown Boots (Gifted) | Rings (Gifted)

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