Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Outfit | Gloomy Happiness

It was wonderfully chilly and grey today! I was so happy! Most people hate the cold, but I love it. I might have mentioned my love for the cold a few times in the past here but it needs repeating. When I was younger, I dreaded the cold, mostly because it involved my mom dressing me in the popular puffy jackets of the 90s. It also involved her dressing my younger sister and I in coordinating or matching outfits. We even had matching hair cuts. It was pretty bad. Anyway, this navy trench coat is a secret favourite of mine despite the too long sleeves and annoying zippers on the sleeves. It also has a habit of acting like a magnet in regards to lint and fuzz balls. Despite that, I think this coat is such a cute piece of clothing. I love the hood that it has and the colour pop of yellow. It also has incredibly deep and big pockets which is such a huge plus for me. I bought this and the polka dot dress (worn here as a skirt) from an asian-style boutique, ViVi's, and I have bought so many cute pieces there but lately, the things they have in stock resembles something that might have been thrown up by the tribal pattern side of Forever 21 and the expensive disheveledness of Urban Outfitters. Which basically means that I haven't bought anything from them recently. But this coat and dress? Definitely a few of my favourite purchases from there.
Outfit Details: Navy Hooded Trench and Polka Dot Dress (ViVi's) | Mickey Mouse Kids Sweater (Thrifted) | Red Sweater Tights (Gift) | Black Scarf (Gift) | Black Ankle Booties (Forever 21)

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