Monday, May 2, 2016

Beauty | Sheet Masks I Love

In recent months, I've introduced face masks into my skincare routine. It's not something that I do every single day, but it's something that I do once a week to once every other week. I use face masks, nose masks, eye masks, and am looking into purchasing more peel off masks (they're my favorites!). I started buying face masks because I got a discount buying them at Urban and I ended up splurging on a small supply that lasted me a few weeks. I recently just received a packaged of the whole Tonymoly I'm Real Skin Care Facial Masks which includes 11 packs (11 different sheet masks!) that do a combination of brightening, firming, moisturizing, and revitalizing the skin. I really love these masks. They're my favorite ones that I've tried. I no longer have them, but I've tried the Etude House I Need You masks which work similarly to the Tonymoly ones but they cost a bit more (at least the package I linked to because you get 20 sheets instead of 11). 
I've also incorporated a peel-off mask into my bi-weekly routine. I recently reviewed it here. The Face Shop's Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay Nose Mask is a great peel off nose mask because it's surprisingly gentle and really gets the sebum out of your skin. I will say to not use it as often as say everyday since that can actually do more harm than good for your skin. If you do have more sensitive skin I would definitely suggest looking into a peel-off product that coaxes the sebum out over a period of time as opposed to being pulled out. In this case, I would recommend Holika Holika's Pig Nose Clear Black Head Mask. It's a three step system that helps to slowly coax the sebum out before painlessly pulling it out. It's great for sensitive skin and it'll really get all that shit out of your pores. The last step also helps to minimize pores so aside from getting clean pores, you're also getting something that will help prevent your pores from getting too much sebum in it again. While we're on the subject of nose masks, I also use the Face Shops Nose Strips in the Charcoal version and the Aloe version. I've used them on my boyfriend before who has what I would call sensitive dry skin and this hasn't irritated the nose area where it's applied. I really really love nose strips like this because I love seeing all the gunk get out of my pores. The Charcoal one is really great for purifying your pores while the aloe one is good for pulling the sebum out gently. 
Now, back to the Tonymoly masks here. Each one is made with a particular ingredient and that ingredient helps to promote brighter skin, clearer skin, firmer skin, etc. I regularly use the Lemon, Rice, and Tomato masks and regularly buy them from UO. For me, it's important for my skin to be bright and radiant with minimal acne. Both the Lemon and Tomato encourage bright and radiant skin while the Rice one encourages clear skin. It works for me well enough and I believe that it can work with sensitive skin as well. Also, I should note that I have oily combination skin with some dryness during the winter months. I find that that combination of masks used every other Sunday has helped lighten acne scars and my undereye area. My acne has also been quite minimal where I only get maybe one or two spots as opposed to before when my skin would break out during every time of the month. That is not the case now.
I also use the Its Skin Butterfly Eyes Mask (although I used my last one a few days before writing up this post so I have no pictures of it) to help brighten and firm up my undereye area. I really like this mask cause it's a gel-like mask that is soaked in essence that after you finish with your mask, you can gently massage around your whole eye area. I've heard some people say that the mask seems to only work for one type of face shape/eye shape. If you have wider set eyes and/or wider nose bridge, this mask might not sit properly on the face and might be a bit difficult. If that's the case, I would just use the essence from this product and just gently massage it into your eye area. I really do find that this product does help with brightening the undereye area but it is definitely something that you need to use over time in order to see a difference. It's not an immediate change, it's a gradual one. 

I find that these should work for all skin types. Majority of the items here are made with natural products and chemicals. I will note that if you're on the dryer side, make sure to use a moisturizer after massaging any sheet mask essence into your skin. I also suggest using this after a warm bath or shower. That way it seeps into your skin more easily and you can go to sleep with the essence really soaking into your skin during the night while you sleep which is the best time because at night when you're sleeping is usually when your skin repairs itself from the day's work. 

So, I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any questions regarding any of the products in this post, please feel free to comment below and I'll do my best to answer your question. 

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