Friday, December 27, 2013

Inspiration | Menswear

Menswear is something that I've been interested in for a while. From fashionable relatives to impeccably styled film and television characters, menswear is way too interesting for me. Not only can men look good in it, but with a talented tailor, women can rock menswear just as well, if not better than most men. Now, it may seem like a shallow thing, but I absolutely adore a man who can dress himself. The men I've included in this post range from style blogger pictures I've come across on tumblr (with no source of course, ugh), to actors styled for their show/movie/photoshoot, to bands (well one in this case) who just know how to dress. If I have a source for the picture, I will include it below the picture. 

Anyway, for me, the men included in this post wear button ups, tailored pants, and ties really well. If you can rock a three-piece suit, a button up with a skinny tie, a trenchcoat, or a layered look consisting of a sweater, a button up, with/without a tie, you are a well styled person. Through experience, I've found out that men who have an interest in fashion and dressing well, tend to be better conversationalists and generally more fun to be around. Now, that's just in my experience, but from what I've seen in the blogger world, it seems to be a common experience. Oy vey, what I would do to have a well dressed man. Hah.
Charlie Darrell, Source

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Outfit | Yuletide Greetings

I just LOVE wearing heels. During the holiday season, I feel like it's appropriate for me to bust out my heels and wear them out and about. I've spoken about my love for heels before on my blog, but usually due to my lack of confidence in them and rare opportunities to wear them, I rarely don heels. Which explains another reason as to why I love the holidays: I get to wear heels. It's such a ridiculous reason but I can't help but get just a tiny bit happy whenever the opportunity to wear heels arises. As I type this however, I'm staring at my bedroom and with the holiday season comes an incredibly messy room. My clean clothes are all over one side of my floor while my shoes and a pile of boxes from Christmas Eve are on another. It's just chaos and not even the kind of chaos that's organized. It's just messy. Thankfully, I'll have a few moments to breathe and clean my room while New Years Eve parties are underway. In other news, I think it's become quite clear that I am fond of not just heels, but wearing ridiculously bright, yet festive colours for the holidays. Last post, I wore a colour combination of maroon/deep red/burgundy/whatever colour you'd like to call it, brown, cream, and purple. It looked quite the traditional festive. For Christmas Day, I wore a green lace dress that has a teal slip and undertone, with teal tights, a navy blazer, and black accents in the belt and shoes to tie it all together. Oddly enough, my family said I looked quite festive. 
Outfit Details: Navy Blazer, Black Waist Belt (Thrifted) | Green/Teal Lace Dress, Teal Tights, Metal Clutch (Target) | Black Heeled Oxfords, Rings (Gift) | Eiffel Tower Earrings (Forever 21)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Outfit | Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I took a week long break of no posting and just kind of relaxing after the craziness of finals. It's weird to think that in just a few days, it'll be 2014 and it will be another year gone. I mean, so much has happened in the past year and I've changed and grown so much more than I have in previous years and I think that's in part to me cutting out people who bogged me down with pointless and selfish things. It's exciting and terrifying to know that next year I'll be 22 and that my life will probably change again, hopefully for the better. I've looked through this blog and it's kind of startling to see my style preferences take shape until finally landing on my current style. The end of the year is just so weird to me. It's a time of the year where family puts aside differences (well, they try to) and we all give eachother gifts that we hope the other likes and then we stuff ourselves with foods that many of us deny ourselves throughout the year. That being said, I love this time of the year. The weather is more agreeable for me, I like seeing family that live out of city, I like getting gifts (who doesn't), and I love eating more than usual and no one can say anything about it. 
Outfit Details: Purple Peacoat (Love Culture) | Circle Scarf (Lace Affair) | Cream Lace Dress & Brown Waist Belt (Thrifted) | Maroon Tights (Target) | Rings (Gifts) | Rocket Dog Heeled Sandals (Gift)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Outfit | Winds of winter

Can I just say that it was difficult taking today's set? The wind was REALLY strong. I was originally in my backyard and for some reason, it was like being in a vortex so I thought, I'll venture out to a wider less enclosed space. It was just as bad if not worse. The wind was knocking me around and my hair was an absolute mess by the end of this shoot. It probably wasn't a good idea on my part to wear a flared skirt and just one pair of tights since my nose is now stuffed and I'm fairly certain that I might have contracted the cold or something. Again. I literally got over being ill two weeks ago and now I'm ill again, well possibly. On the plus side, I am officially done with my winter semester. I took my last final and though I felt awful the whole hour and a half that I worked on it, I still finished and turned it in. I'm hoping that I got at least a C. I'm aiming low because that class was one of my weakest. I wanted to check what my final paper grade was but I guess my professor took the class down from the D2L site. Ugh. Well, here's to hoping that I passed that class. It's one of the classes I need to transfer. I mean, I missed the cut off dates for applications for Winter 2014, but still, I would love to get history out of the way. If not, I suppose I can always take it during the summer or again next winter...Ugh...
Outfit Details: Purple Peacoat (Love Culture) | Scarf (Gift) | Sunnies (Claire's) | Pink V-Neck Sweater & Black Cigarette Flats (Forever 21) | Rose Pink Tights (Target) | Skirt (H&M)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Outfit | Eighties Mint

Almost through with my finals. I am so excited. Although, as I'm typing this post up, I'm feeling a tad sad since earlier, I went to take a good friend of mine to the airport so that she could fly out to her family. It's always sad to say goodbye to a friend, but she'll be back in two weeks so I will definitely see her more then. Anyway, school! It is almost done. After Thursday, I'll officially be done with school for the next four-five weeks which means that I can finally relax and enjoy some shows that I've been meaning to get to. Also, I'll have some time to really work on my novel. I've been working on chapter two and I haven't touched it for the past week or so which is just awful because I keep having these sudden bursts of inspiration and I can't act on them because I know that it'll result in me writing into the early morning light. Soon I will become a regular fixture at my local Starbucks or whichever coffee shops in Elk Grove/Sacramento that I decide to visit. 
Outfit Details: Navy Blazer (Thrifted) | Mint Polka Dot Sweater, Rings, & Nikes (Gift) | Grey Knitted Beanie (H&M) | Black Pleated Skirt, Mint Blue Tights (Forever 21) |

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Outfit | Let It Go

Ahhh, it's only Monday (or Tuesday) and already I want this week to be over. My first final was easy and I'll be ending the class with a high B. English, Anthro, and History are my main sources of anxiety and worry. Then there's my younger sister who is the epitome of ungratefulness, condescension, and tackiness, but I won't get into that. I'm just excited to be done with school for a month and be able to relax and not feel stressed. I mean, I hide it incredibly well, but most days I feel like crying and/or screaming. It's a miracle that I haven't cracked under the pressure, well completely anyways. I'm incredibly lucky to have friends and subjects that can take the pressure off of me and relax me. I think that's important for a lot of people to have. You know? To have someone, whether it be a small group, a large group, or one singular person to talk to and just soundboard off of. I'm way too lucky in that I have gained far too many good friends and that's just so ridiculous, especially when I think back to who I was when I graduated from high school. I was shy, awkward, quiet, unsure, had low self esteem, and called a girl who often made fun of me and my interests, my best friend. I definitely had no idea that I would end up the way I am now. I'm far more outgoing, less awkward, friendly, talkative, still a tad insecure and unsure, and my self esteem is way higher than I ever expected it to be. Before this becomes a very long post about late blooming (which I will write up soon), long story short, despite how stressed and annoyed I can get, I need to stop and remember all of the positive aspects of my life. 
Outfit Details: Red Cardigan & Denim Jacket (Thrifted) | Black Dress (H&M) | Black Booties, Earrings, and Polka Dot Bow Headband (Forever 21) | Grey Tights (Target) | Rings (Gifts)

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