Friday, December 27, 2013

Inspiration | Menswear

Menswear is something that I've been interested in for a while. From fashionable relatives to impeccably styled film and television characters, menswear is way too interesting for me. Not only can men look good in it, but with a talented tailor, women can rock menswear just as well, if not better than most men. Now, it may seem like a shallow thing, but I absolutely adore a man who can dress himself. The men I've included in this post range from style blogger pictures I've come across on tumblr (with no source of course, ugh), to actors styled for their show/movie/photoshoot, to bands (well one in this case) who just know how to dress. If I have a source for the picture, I will include it below the picture. 

Anyway, for me, the men included in this post wear button ups, tailored pants, and ties really well. If you can rock a three-piece suit, a button up with a skinny tie, a trenchcoat, or a layered look consisting of a sweater, a button up, with/without a tie, you are a well styled person. Through experience, I've found out that men who have an interest in fashion and dressing well, tend to be better conversationalists and generally more fun to be around. Now, that's just in my experience, but from what I've seen in the blogger world, it seems to be a common experience. Oy vey, what I would do to have a well dressed man. Hah.
Charlie Darrell, Source

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