Friday, December 20, 2013

Outfit | Winds of winter

Can I just say that it was difficult taking today's set? The wind was REALLY strong. I was originally in my backyard and for some reason, it was like being in a vortex so I thought, I'll venture out to a wider less enclosed space. It was just as bad if not worse. The wind was knocking me around and my hair was an absolute mess by the end of this shoot. It probably wasn't a good idea on my part to wear a flared skirt and just one pair of tights since my nose is now stuffed and I'm fairly certain that I might have contracted the cold or something. Again. I literally got over being ill two weeks ago and now I'm ill again, well possibly. On the plus side, I am officially done with my winter semester. I took my last final and though I felt awful the whole hour and a half that I worked on it, I still finished and turned it in. I'm hoping that I got at least a C. I'm aiming low because that class was one of my weakest. I wanted to check what my final paper grade was but I guess my professor took the class down from the D2L site. Ugh. Well, here's to hoping that I passed that class. It's one of the classes I need to transfer. I mean, I missed the cut off dates for applications for Winter 2014, but still, I would love to get history out of the way. If not, I suppose I can always take it during the summer or again next winter...Ugh...
Outfit Details: Purple Peacoat (Love Culture) | Scarf (Gift) | Sunnies (Claire's) | Pink V-Neck Sweater & Black Cigarette Flats (Forever 21) | Rose Pink Tights (Target) | Skirt (H&M)

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  1. Such a cute outfit :)

    I'd really appreciate if you could check out my style blog!
    Thank you!! <3


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