Monday, December 9, 2013

Life | Little Things

I think in our daily lives, we, mainly my generation, forget to appreciate the little things in life. During the quiet moments in my life, I take the time to reflect on my family and the little things in my life that I appreciate. For example, the pictures I have in this post. I posted the above image because I was struck by how warm my aunty's house is and how I enjoy visiting my mom because I get to see the majority of my mom's side there. The holidays are the best because there is always a nice, big party filled with laughter, drinking, eating, and fun memories. The rest of the pictures in this post have yet to be posted to my Instagram, which by the way, is probably one of my favourite apps ever. On days when I'm feeling particularly good about myself, I can post a selfie of myself and feel flattered and special whenever someone likes my photo or when something makes me happy, then I can just snap a picture and share my happiness with whomever follows me. Anyway, family and how I know that I can always count on my family, be it my dad's or my mom's side, is something that I appreciate and often forget to be appreciative of in my daily life. The two collages below contain pictures that were taken this past weekend at my aunty and uncle's house at a party they threw in honour of my sister turning eighteen on December 6th. I feel a tad ashamed to say that I was more excited and cared more about the Spring Awakening Reunion than my sister's birthday. Oop. I still wished her a good birthday though. Even though my sister can be quite unappreciative of the life she has and the people who have worked to give her this life. Ah well. Not all of us can be as thankful.
Now, the picture just below that says 'TEA TIME!' is probably one of my favourite photos I've taken and made using the A Beautiful Mess app. If you know me, you know that I LOVE tea. I love black tea, green tea, white tea, fruity tea, and even the tea that tastes bitter at first but becomes sweeter the more you drink it. Tea is so incredibly calming and delicious to me that I'm fairly certain that I drink tea 99.5% of the time that I'm at home. I mean seriously, tea is SO perfect to me. I still get sad when I remember that I completely bombed my interview at Teavana at the mall. Could you imagine if I worked there? I'd be spending my paycheck on nothing but tea from there and from Adagio. I mean, at this very moment, I'm actually drinking tea right now. It's a Cinnamon Apple Spiced one and it is so perfect for winter evenings. I don't even have to put sugar or honey into it to sweeten it. It's already pretty sweet and it leaves the most heavenly aroma. It's seriously one of my favourites. I mean, I love Chai Green Tea, Mint Tea, and Earl Grey, but I just might have to buy another box of this C.A.S. tea because oh man it is good.

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