Sunday, December 8, 2013

Outfit | And It's Raining Stars

It was my sister's birthday on Friday and on Saturday we had a party at my mom's. Like usual, my sister was quite the ungrateful package. Anyways, I think I'm finally over my cold! All that's left is a sore throat but that's to be expected I think. I'll just keep taking cold medicine until the feeling is gone. I'm excited because on Monday, I'll have just a little under two weeks left of school and that's including my finals. Eeeks, I still have yet to start my Christmas shopping. I have a short list of people I'm shopping for which includes, my dad, my mom, my Secret Santa from a group of friends, my sister, my aunty and her boyfriend, my uncle, and a very small group of friends. All in all, I think I have something under 15 people to shop for, although I'm counting couples as one gift so yeah. Ugh. I hate shopping for people because I have no idea what to get them and if I do, I'm scared that they won't like it. Aaaaah, the holiday season...I both love and hate you.
Outfit Details: Grey Jacket (Thrifted) | Star Sweater (Target) | Infinity Scarf (Lace Affair) | Blue Chambray Shorts (Forever 21) | Black Winter Tights (Target) | Polka Dot Thigh Highs (Forever 21) | Boots (JustFab) | Cream Beanie (Thrifted)

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