Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Photo an Hour | December 2, 2013

I decided to try my hand at doing the "a photo an hour" thing...It wasn't until my day started that I realized very quickly that I live a fairly boring life in a not so picturesque place. I might pick this up again on a day where I know I'll be doing something. Some photos here were taken with my Sony DSLR and then I switched to my iPhone camera since I don't have the space to take my DSLR with me to class. I also didn't have the daylight time to take ootd photos. Oop.

9:00 AM
 10:00 AM
 11:00 AM
 12:00 PM
 1:00 PM
 2:00 PM
 3:00 PM
 4:00 PM
 5:00 PM
 6:00 PM
 7:00 PM

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