Thursday, December 12, 2013

Outfit | Give Me Reasons to Believe...

So, I was super tired taking these photos which explains my increased aversion to looking at the camera, so I'm sorry about that. I'm also bogged down with finishing a portfolio for my English class and studying for two other finals. Yeah, I'm just a tad weighed down by school. It's all good though because after next week, I'll be break and I can relax and spend my spare time working on my untitled novel. Aaaah, I cannot wait for that. It might mean that my posts on here will dwindle down since I'll most likely be home most of break which means no outfit posts. Oop. I suppose that can happen. Ah, well. Maybe life will make my life hectic and busy? Also, this coat that I borrowed from my younger sister makes me feel like Sherlock from BBC Sherlock but I also feel like Joan Watson from Elementary in this outfit. It's like the best of both worlds; the deducting talents of Sherlock and the emotional stability and medical skill of Joan Watson. Sounds pretty perfect to me..
Outfit Details: Black Coat (Borrowed from sister's closet) | Black V-Neck Sweater (Forever 21) | Dress (Gift from Julia!) | Rusty Orange Tights (Target) | Black Booties (Forever 21) | Rings (Gifted)

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