Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Outfit | I'm Falling Through the Sky

Today had really nice weather. It was sunny and stayed between 40-50 degrees so basically it was nice and cold but also had a slight reprieve in the form of the sun. It also meant that I was cold enough to need an extra layer on my head so I got to don my teddy bear ears beanie. I bought it from Forever 21 during the summer and when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how cute it was but disappointed at how the ears flopped backward, they weren't big enough, and the beanie itself seemed a bit too small. It just serves as a reminder that I should only buy ear beanies when I can actually try them on as opposed to ordering online and hoping that it's perfect. I'm way too excited because I can feel the end of the semester. My finals are next week and this means an end to seeing the dreaded ex and an end to classes. For a month at least. After that, it's quite possibly my last semester taking all of the classes I need for transfer and then I can just take some extra English Literature classes until I'm able to apply to the schools I want to again...I missed cut off dates for Winter 2014 already unfortunately so I need to wait another year. Ah well, it'll all be worth it when I'm in LA and finally studying English and Literature and actually working towards a teaching degree and my English degree. 
Outfit Details: Black Coat (ViVis) | Polka Dot Dress worn as a skirt (ViVis) | Brown Scalloped Infinity Scarf (Gift) | Vintage Dior V-Neck Menswear Sweater (Thrifted) | Teddy Bear Ear Beanie (Forever 21) | Black Herringbone Tights (Gift) | Black Oxfords (Thrifted) | Rings (Gift)

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