Monday, April 29, 2013

Outfit | A Reception of Yorks and Kings (Late Post)

This is a late post from April 27th when I went to a friend's casual wedding reception. Her and her husband are absolutely adorable and I wish that I had taken photos because it was beautiful especially in the spring evening. It was Harry Potter themed and all of the guests received wands upon entering and there were "floating" candles and tables modeled after the four Houses like in the Great Hall and it just, everything was beautiful and I was so happy to see my friend and her husband and they just look so happy and in love and it was just beautiful. Unfortunately, because I can be kind of quiet and introverted at times, I didn't take pictures, which is a shame. It truly was a sight and I love seeing families and friends come together and everyone smiling and chatting with one another. Pictures of that would have been beautiful because there is something truly remarkable about "in-the-moment" pictures. time hopefully.
Anyways, I've been kind of into the whole tying a button up shirt up at the waist thing if you haven't noticed. I don't know why, but it just kind of pulls together an outfit. Thank you Elsie (A Beautiful Mess) for showing me the awesomeness of tying shirts in the front. I'm also wearing the red flats I got from Forever 21 because I'm breaking them in and oh my gosh, they hurt at first, but now they're comfy and snug. I also adore this top because it has a swan print. My love for Forever 21 is so apparent in this outfit since everything is from the store. It's usually hit or miss with them for me, but recently they've had a lot of nice pieces that blend well with the rest of my thrifted wardrobe, especially because they've been selling a lot more vintage-inspired pieces that are affordable. The quality could be better, but again, it's hit or miss. I've been lucky that the pieces I've bought from Forever 21 have been quality pieces that have yet to break down.

Outfit Details: Sweetheart dress, Swan print button up, and red flats (Forever 21)

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