Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Outfit | Spring Sisters

Today was a stressful day. I got home from class hungry because I didn't have time to eat breakfast and lunch. As soon as I got home, I left with my dad to pick up my sister from the high school down the street. We were supposed to get food afterwards, but we ended up going to Kaiser to get my sister's physical form signed for cheer. What should have been a fifteen-twenty minute wait ended up being a two hour wait. I was irritated and not happy and my sister and I were arguing every ten minutes. By the time we left, got our food, and went home, we were on better terms. Such good terms, that I asked her if she wouldn't mind being featured here because her outfit today was simple and cute. She said yes!

Outfit Details: Striped Crop Top (thrifted) | High waist skirt (ViVis) | Black belt (thrifted) | Car print sunnies (museum gift store) | Purple cardigan (ViVis) | Pink and creme sandals (

 Outfit Details: Black dress (PLNDR - from me) | Black braid belt (gift) | Sandals (borrowed from me)

So yeah, today started out really badly and continued to get bad but then it stopped and now I feel better. Now, I'm off to write a bit for my writing blog and study for my geology exam tomorrow. I'll probably be back with random style posts though since I get bored A LOT.

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