Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life | Mint Julep

I was feeling down today after classes so I went to the nearest Goodwill and found these two tops. I bought the mint blue top on the left because the whole look of it looks like something from ModCloth or Ruche except fractions cheaper. I  bought it for $5 and although I have to sew the sleeves since the buttons are gone, I think this is worth it. It's a gorgeous colour that will work all year and the fabric is cotton so it'll definitely be a spring/summer staple for me. The creme top with red polka dots was a no go however. I loved the print but the fabric and fit of the top just felt unflattering on me. The fabric isn't breathable. At all. So I knew that this would probably end up being an autumn-only top which I don't really like. I like having clothes that can go through the seasons and this didn't fit that. On top of that, the fit felt awkward on me and this top is too sheer to wear without an undershirt so I didn't get it. Instead, I ended up buying an extra casual autumn jacket. All in all, I spent $13 and I feel like it was well spent. I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of the two pieces.

I'm also waiting on some orders from Instagram shops, Forever 21, and a ModCloth-like store (can't recall the name). I literally spent all of the money from my last babysitting and tutoring jobs. Ah well...

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