Friday, April 26, 2013

Outfit | Dot Fever

I recently got this top in the mail from an instagram shop (@Gilded_Lily) which is where I've been buying a lot of thrifted pieces. This top is perfect for spring, probably not spring here in the valley since it gets too hot, but it is perfect. The colour is this gorgeous light pink and the polka dots are an added extra, especially because polka dots are one of my favourite patterns to wear. The black skirt is a fun neutral piece because it's light, has a flattering shape, and is a good length on my small height (I'm 4'11" :b). I would have normally worn slippers or sandals with this, but the flats add an extra pop of cherry red colour that I think is adorable. I'm also wearing a tinted lip balm that I save for special occasions, but it made me feel prettier than usual so I will probably sport this the rest of the day.

Outfit Details: Polka dot button up (thrifted) | Black high waist pleated skirt (Forever 21) | Red bow flats (Forever 21)| Black sunnies (Urban Outfitters)

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