Monday, October 14, 2013

Outfit | Velvet Red

Now, originally, I had been wearing black flats with this, but then I had to get all fancy for a dinner date so I put some heels on. Anyways, I feel quite mature in this outfit. It's probably the heels and the delicateness of the jewelry I'm wearing. I'm usually wearing flats or sneakers so heels always feel elegant and regal to me. Majority of the time, I feel quite juvenile. Not only do I look quite young, but I'm also fairly short so anytime I feel "adult" and "mature" is usually a golden moment. I rarely ever get to wear heels so I'm always more than happy to don them, even if it's just for an hour. I will go through the uncomfortableness of wearing heels just to feel more "adult" which is kind of ridiculous. But I also figure that the more time I spend walking around in heels, the easier it'll be when I'm a teacher and want to wear heels to work. I like the idea of being an English Lit. teacher who's fashionable, cute, and gets along well with her students but her students are also scared of ever ticking me off. This is why I spend an hour to two hours walking around my house/my room in heels every other day. Practice makes perfect, yes? I mean, I have yet to see the perfection that my years of practice should be giving but I guess it's because I rarely get to wear heels out and about other than when I have an event to wear them to.
Outfit Details: Thrifted Dress | Thrifted Cardigan | Gifted Necklace | Forever 21 Earrings and Scallop Ring | Thrifted Belt | Target Heels

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  1. You look amazing in this outfit!!!


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