Monday, October 14, 2013

Top 5 | Some Ways to Dress For Autumn!

It is October and for me, that means that the leaves have finally begun to change colour, that there's a slight nip in the air, and that the evenings come earlier and are colder. It means that it's autumn. For me, the autumn/winter seasons are my favourite because there are so many fun ways to dress for the weather. Especially for autumn in California. Here in California, especially in the Valley, the weather can be perfect autumn weather one moment and then sunny rays of death the next. This Top 5 consists of some common and cute ways to dress for autumn weather. They're perfect! Especially if you live in California. This will be the first in (hopefully) many "Top 5" posts and I hope it helps to inspire you during these cold seasons.

1. Oxfords
Oxfords go with EVERYTHING. And they translate well between seasons. Especially for autumn. You can wear them with dresses, pants, shorts, and skirts along with tights and socks. The best thing is that with oxfords becoming so popular, there are different colours and patterns that you can get them in as well as styles. For example, you can buy them heeled or flat. I prefer flats myself but I think it's because I walk everywhere on campus. On top of that, the oxford style is a classic and timeless style. They'll never go out of style so when you invest and buy a great pair of oxfords, you're buying a style of shoe that will go on for quite a bit. And they just make everything look slightly more put together. You could be wearing jeans and a striped shirt and look your laziest, but slap on a pair of oxfords and suddenly you look chic and purposefully messy. Plus, whenever I wear any of my oxfords out and around during autumn, I feel like I'm in some modern fantasy novel.

2. Layering
For autumn, layering is an absolute must. Especially if you have a small wardrobe and shop on a budget. Being able to stretch some of your spring/summer pieces and making them work during the autumn is a good way to really save on spending money on more articles of clothing that only work for one specific season. For layering, I used pictures of Japanese Mori Girls because a lot of what constitutes as "mori", involves a lot of layering of soft summer dresses with blouses, sweaters, cardigans, scarves, tights, socks, and huge warm jackets. Layering is also a good way to breathe new life into older pieces of clothing and make them like new. That old sleeveless dress that has been hanging in a dark corner in your closet? Make it like new for the autumn season by pairing it with a crisp white long sleeve button up and a patent skinny waist belt. That's just an example, but I feel like it's obvious to say, but layering is also a fantastic way to stay warm during the colder autumn days.

3. Sweaters and Jackets
This is an obvious one, but sweaters and jackets are an absolute must for autumn weather. Whether the jacket/sweater is thin or thick material, some sort of coziness is needed to ward off the cold fingers of autumn. A thin sort of jacket, like a blazer, as seen on the gorgeous Karen Gillan, works well with autumn days and evenings. It's light but since most blazers are lined, there's that added protection from the elements. It also works as a great layering piece. As you can see in the pictures above, sweaters and jackets work well with most styles. I've included some photos of guys as well since men's sweaters are awesome things to search for at thrift stores. I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of all of these overpriced, rag doll looking sweaters and those annoying high-low hem lines? Yeah, I'm done with those. So men's sweaters have definitely been a huge must have for me. Especially considering the fact that men's sweaters are usually a few dollars cheaper and just so much comfier than majority of women's sweaters. For jackets, a classic peacoat is always a go, as well as the classic trench coat. If you're a bit on the edgier side, a leather jacket is good for autumn. Just make sure that any and all coats are lined. If they aren't lined, they might not work as well against the weather as a coat that is lined. It's also a plus if they have actual functional pockets. Most women's peacoats (mostly from places like Forever 21 and Love Couture) have some coats that have fake pockets. So make sure to double check before buying. 

4. Boots and Tights
Now, I'm cheating here by including two items but I'm not really one to follow rules. Boots work great during the autumn because if it rains, boots have got you covered. Literally. It's even better when you layer up with socks and tights, especially the super warm and thick wooly socks. Those are the best. Boots are also good because with the way the weather can be a tad rough during autumn and winter, boots are kind of like the all purpose shoe for that. They can handle the tear and pull of the weather all while looking good and keeping you warm and dry. You can also keep extra warm by layering up on the tights. During the autumn and winter, I layer up on tights up to maybe six or seven. Not only are you crazy warm, you get a cool sheen to your legs depending on how the light hits it. Plus, by layering the tights, you're not restricted to just wearing jeans/pants during these seasons. Especially if you're like me and pants are just a no. Layering tights and then wearing nice tall boots are sure ways to keep yourself warm and stylish during this time.

5. Scarves!
Another obvious autumn staple, but scarves are amazing. They're cute, stylish, functional, come in a variety of patterns, colours, and best of all, prices. You can buy great scarves for anywhere from $5 to some insane designer label price. The best part is that no matter how much you're paying, scarves all work basically the same. They warm up your neck and make you look all cuddly and cozy. My favourite style of scarf is the infinity scarf which has been "in" for a while. I don't follow trends often, in fact, I tend to stick to a pretty strict style but when infinity scarves started showing up, I loved them. They're so comfy and so easy to wear. Scarves are the easiest accessory for the cold seasons and you know what? They pretty much go with everyone's style. 

*all images taken from tumblr

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