Thursday, October 3, 2013

Outfit | Getting Cozy

So I'm still getting used to the short hair. I was gone for a few days (two really) and haven't posted here because I'm still trying to get comfy with my hair. There are still some things about my hair that bother me, like bits at the back of my head tend to stand up and the hair on the sides of my face tend to dry all flipped up but other than those things, I've been falling a little bit more in love with my hair. I haven't had hair this short in ages and it feels really nice. Although, sometimes, I do feel like I resemble a little asian boy which I try and counter by wearing all the girly skirts and dresses that I can. I should also mention that my room is an absolute mess. It's been a hassle getting dressed in the morning before class because all of my clothes are just strewn about my room haphazardly and hangers are just all over my floor. It's absolutely ridiculous and somehow, I've still been able to get dressed and ready in under twenty minutes. I've also been getting better at perfecting the winged liner look. I think because my hair forces me to make sure that my eyeliner is even, I've been concentrating on applying the liner carefully, quickly, and evenly.
Outfit Details: Penguin Print Dress (Ross) | Purple Cardigan (ViVis) | Brown Waist Belt (Forever 21) | Black Tights (Target) | Red Flats (Forever 21) | Scallop Ring (gift)

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