Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Outfit | Grave Dancer

Today was a bad day. I stupidly dropped my contacts, didn't eat lunch when I normally would have, and found out about something unfortunate at the bank. All in all, I did not have a good day. Even with Sleepy Hollow just a half hour away from when I'm writing this post and I still feel pretty awful. On top of that, these photos just did not come out how I wanted them too. On that, it's most likely my inability to leave the house when I want to. I keep leaving just minutes before sundown and it results in really crap photos. I wish I had some positive things to say like I normally do, but I just feel physically and emotionally drained. On a slightly more positive note, I've joined Bloglovin and was approved to join Independent Fashion Bloggers. Hopefully this week gets better for me. I'm kind of surprised that dressing happily didn't really help with my mood. Ah well. Can't win them all.
Outfit Details: Sheer Peter Pan Collar Top (Thrifted) | Cardigan (Forever 21) | High Waisted  Skirt (ViVis) | Pale Pink Tights (Target) | LOVE ring (Forever 21) | Bunny Earrings (Gift) | Sandals (Urban Outfitters) | Belt (Thrifted) | Bag (Ross)

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