Friday, October 11, 2013

Inspiration | Bitchcraft

This past Wednesday, American Horror Story: Coven premiered. I've seen the past two seasons of American Horror Story and was particularly excited about this season since it involved witches and voodoo magick. Both things I had a huge interest in growing up. On top of that, I wanted to redeem the series after the, excuse my language, clusterfuck that was last season. While watching Bitchcraft (yes, that is the name of the episode), I was struck by how stylistic this season seems to be in terms of cinematography and the wardrobe itself. I couldn't find many photos from the actual show aside from photoshoots and promo shots, so I included some photos of traditional "witch" images that I found on Tumblr. Upon watching the episode, I was personally inspired to don a black dress, black tights, black oxfords, and imagine that I too were a witch. Of course, when I went to dress, I realized that I did not have enough black clothes. So in the hopes of curbing my need to dress up like Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga's character), I made this post. Hopefully, it inspires people to want to be just a tad bit wicked. It is almost Samhain. Or as the plebeians like to say, Halloween :)

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