Thursday, October 31, 2013

Outfit | October Warmth

Happy Halloween! Since I write my posts the night before, the day you guys see this post it will be Halloween, hence the greeting. Anyway, it was ridiculously warm. Like, too warm for it to be October. It's so frustrating. It has been getting colder during the days but then around 2-3 pm, it gets sunny and hot and I feel annoyed because I'm bundled up in a sweater because of the cold from the mornings. Thankfully, by November the weather has decided on whether or not it's going to be cold or warm. I'm hoping it gets to be colder. I love wearing scarves and beanies and now that my hair is so much shorter than last winter, I'm excited to wear them and not fuss with my hair although I might get a trim soon. The sides near my ears are awkwardly long...That or I'll just trim them myself. I've done it before. Meh, I'll just do that. It's way less expensive and I usually end up with my hair ending up the way I wanted it cut the first time. Seriously. Never getting a pixie from that salon again. Only going there when I have medium to long hair. Aaaah, time for some warm tea.
Outfit Details: Striped Sweater (Forever 21) | Navy Peter Pan Collar Dress (Ebay) | Two Tone Tights (HUE) | Flats (Forever 21) | Rings (gifted)

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