Thursday, October 10, 2013

Outfit | Autumn Flowers

It's been brought to my attention that I'm good at taking photos for my blog considering that I do it all on the self-timer on my camera. That's really good and really nice to hear since I'm a completely nervous and awkward mess when I'm taking photos. It really does make me feel good when someone compliments my "skills" with a camera when it's all trial and error. Anyways, being told that just made my day. In other news, I'm thinking of redyeing my hair. I usually dye my hair red or dark auburn but I'm thinking about maybe trying for a purpley/violet kind of colour. I'm not too sure yet. I'll probably just pick red or dark auburn since the upkeep is so much cheaper and easier for me. As a poor college student who is awful with keeping up any hair colour other than red, that's the likely choice. Welp. The life of a twentysomething year old who just wants to be a cute anime character.
Outfit Details: Modcloth Dress | Forever 21 Waist Belt | Gifted Cardigan | Target Tights | Thrifted Booties | Gifted Rings

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