Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: A Year in Review

Last year's "a year in review" (here) was a post that I wrote up featuring my favorite outfit outfit posts of this year. This time, since I wasn't able to blog as frequently as I'd been able to before/I'd like, this post is going to have to be a bit different. Instead, I will be selecting my ten favorite posts of the year and writing a bit on them. Hope you enjoy!

This post is definitely one of my favorites from last year. The year before (when I started this blog) I was in a really low and dark place emotionally. I hated my own skin, my body, basically everything about myself because I had been in a relationship with an emotionally manipulative, verbally/emotionally abusive, and honestly, shitty person. He brought me down so low that I couldn't leave because I honestly believed that no one else would want me or love me. This post was about how I was able to leave that terrible rat and make my way back to loving myself. No matter what anyone ever says, you NEED to think more of yourself and value yourself. It took me so long to understand that and really start believing that about myself. So yeah, I'm really proud of this post and it makes me tear up whenever I read it, but it's happy tears. 

This is on here because I'm someone who rarely wears pants, and so, for me to find a pair of pants that are moderately comfy and to have a cute outfit put together around those pants is something that I think needs to be talked about. Since then, I have bought one pair of pants and while those pair of pants are slightly too big and these ones are now slightly larger, I think that my disdain for pants is going down ever so slowly. Especially since I can't wear shorts (even with tights!) at work, I've had to rely more on my small supply of jeans and pants. 

I feel like this particularly post is just so indicative of the weather here in the Central Valley. Up until this particular post, it had been rainy, windy, and cold. But all of a sudden it was sunny and hot. Then it got cold after like 4pm and led to many sunny but chilly days. This outfit post also inspired a Tumblr buddy of mine to draw a picture of me.

And in the same month as the previous, it rained and howled like crazy. Of course, I enjoy layering up and coming up with creative and useful ways to wear my dresses and skirts. Plus, the black and red color combo is such a striking color combination during gloomier days. The black weighs the outfit down enough that wear a bright red doesn't seem so glaring. 

This exact post was reblogged by Modcloth's Tumblr account and granted me many a follower (you can reblog it here). I really like this post because I feel that my editing was clean, the photo-taking wasn't too shabby, and I feel like I looked rather pretty which is something that I don't often say about myself. I also just feel like this outfit is just perfect for me. It involves everything that I normally wear anyways: a skirt/dress, pinched in at the waist, tights, something thrifted (the jacket), cute flats, and a smile on my face. 

This post has to be on my favorite posts list because it was when Comic Con came to Sacramento and my dad and I went together for some fun and nerdy father-daughter time. While I wasn't able to go to any Sac Anime cons last year, I'm happy that my dad and I were able to go to Comic Con and not have to deal with the anxiety and the expenses of going to SDCC. I got to meet my bae, James Marsters, and got to see a lot of cool cosplays. Another huge plus for me was seeing my dad reliving his childhood and just seeing him so happy. 

Honestly, this is on the list cause it's one of my simpler outfits that I like and I'm wearing purple lipstick. 

I wore a bikini for the first full time. Albeit, I was swimming alone but I still wore one and took pictures in one for the internet to see. This is an important post because as someone who talks about body confidence and self love, I feel like I haven't exactly put those words into action. So here's my confident action, wearing a bikini and being happy with how I look in it. 

In honor of Sailor Moon Crystal, I wore an inspired outfit featuring a short skirt, a sailor inspired tee, and a sailor inspired jacket. I also wore some cute Sailor Mars earrings that my boyfriend had gotten for me for my birthday. This outfit also features everything that I'f been wearing more and more: dark lipstick (purple in this case), knee highs, ankle booties, short(er) skirts, and rocking longer hair. 

Just a Top 5-themed post that I really enjoyed writing up at the request of a dear friend of mine. I also liked writing up a post that could potentially help someone out. Although, as a disclaimer, I live in Northern California in the Central Valley so my idea of cold is VERY different from someone who lives farther up north or lives in a place where it snows. I suppose I should have added "in California" to the title of the post. 

All in all, I really really enjoyed 2014 despite all of the terrible things that were/are still happening in other parts of the world and the US. I met someone who makes me so happy and makes me feel so overwhelmed with love that I don't know what to do with the overflow. I got to spend so much time with him and just being happy and in love. I also grew up a ways and cut out toxic people who were just not maturing the same way and/or people who were just stuck in a very high school-like mentality. I met so many new people that I befriended and spent some amazing times with. Just, 2014, spending so much of it with the man that I am in love with and with people who I love and care was just so perfect. Here's to 2015 and to new fun memories with my cutie and with my friends. 

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