Friday, January 31, 2014

Outfit | Dotted Legs

If you know me, then you probably know about my absolute disdain for pants and jeans. I'm not a fan of how constricting and uncomfortable they are despite the freedom of movement that you can get while wearing them. It's only during the colder moments that I even think of wearing any of the three pairs of pants that I own and even then, it's because my dad asks me to. So you can imagine my surprise when I wore this outfit and I actually liked it. This particularly pair of pants are quite nice because they're surprisingly comfortable and they are done in one of my favourite patterns: POLKA DOTS. When I first got them from my dad, I was bothered by how big they are (bigger now since I appear to be losing weight) and the fact that he decided on getting me a pair of pants over a polka dot dress. The only redeeming factor at the time was the fact that they were made of polka dot fabric. Of course, now, I think differently. I'm still not overly fond of pants and jeans, but I see their value now. This doesn't mean that I'll be going out and buying pants and jeans however. I still feel as if pants and jeans accentuate curves and parts of my body that I'm not a huge fan of. Still, this outfit was perfect for lounging around my house, attempting to catch up on my homework, and running small errands for my dad.
Outfit Details: Navy Coat (ViVis) | Children's Mickey Mouse Sweater (Thrifted) | Striped Lace Peter Pan Collar Shirt (Forever 21) | Blue Polka Dot Pants (Gift) | Suede Black Oxford with Neon Blue Trim (Target)

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