Monday, January 5, 2015

Life: The Holidays and the New Year

For Christmas 2014, I was invited by my boyfriend, Court's, parents to spend the holidays with them in Southern California in Encinitas near San Diego. At first, I was super hesitant but I still agreed because I am crazy super invested in my relationship with Court and that includes getting to meet his family, especially considering that they live in SoCal and rarely come up to Sacramento/Davis. So Court and I drove the 12 or so hours (due to traffic, rest stops, etc.) to Encinitas. Along the way, we stopped a few times to admire the view at a vista point and to check out this random western-themed tourist attraction. It was so strange and weird. There was also a small western-themed playground attached to the main store. Court and I goofed around in that for like an hour/hour and a half. It took driving time out, but it was fun. 

We finally got to Court's parents' house around 8pm. After the long drive, it was really nice to just relax. Although, I was super nervous meeting his parents. They're incredibly nice, welcoming, funny, and easy to be around so my nervousness went away after the second or third day of staying with them. While there, Court and I went to Moonlight Beach where we read a bit, took pictures of one another, and just kind of enjoyed being together, as per usual. We also went to this bar called The Ould Sod with our friend Edgar. It was great. I had many a drink. Also! Our bartender was an elderly gentleman who had an Irish accent and said my name really cool. Ahhh, good times. After that we spent Christmas with his family and it was so fun. I really enjoyed it and I didn't feel as homesick as I thought I would. Our last day was spent in La Jolla. It was super pretty but super packed. I still enjoyed it though. The scenery was gorgeous and I love the smell of the sea breeze. 
For New Year's Eve, we were invited by some friends of ours to go celebrate in Tahoe at a cabin that belonged to one of their friends. We only had one day in between the Sunday we got back from SoCal and the Tuesday that we left to drive to Tahoe. Despite that, we decided to go because last New Year's, Court was in Tahoe when I called him and basically told him how much I liked him and how much I wanted to date him. Also, the friends who invited us are really cool and awesome. Tahoe was super fun and the new people we met during the short trip were so funny and nice. This NYE definitely goes down in my book as one of my favorites. I got to spend it with people I like and with the person I love. And we did fun stuff leading up to midnight. The next day, we went sledding. Well, I went sledding and then Court and I walked off while the rest of our group sledded some more. We headed to the lake and just goofed around for a bit. 
(I am so In love with this picture I took of Court)

These pictures were taken by Court and can be found on his instagram :). They are posted along the same timeline as mine (Christmas break to New Years).
We went to some cafe called Potato something in Encinitas and it was AWFUL. Super overpriced, food wasn't good, and the service wasn't great.
 (the shirt on the right was one of my gifts to Court)
Our friend, Edgar, at the Ould Sod.
 While driving back up to Davis, Court and I stopped in Northern Hollywood to grab lunch with my uncle. While there, we also stopped by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre which also happens to be next door to an amazingly cheap and delicious sushi restaurant. That restaurant is made up of my dreams.
The above photo was taken by my boyfriend's mom while he and I were taking photos of the sunset.

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