Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outfit | Bikini Weather

I was never one for wearing bikinis growing up. In fact, if I didn't absolutely have to swim, I didn't. This was in part because I was incredibly self conscious of my stomach fat, I mean, I still am, very much, but less so than when I was younger. Because of that, I always wore a one piece. It wasn't until a two or three years ago that I got comfortable enough to swim with friends (I usually only swam alone or with family) and then I slowly worked my courage up to buy a bikini with a high waisted bottom 'cause I'm classy like that. But even then, the bikini just sat unused in a drawer in my closet for months before I finally took it out for a day at Folsom Lake with some friends. I felt incredibly awkward and so ugly in it despite the compliments I was getting from friends and strangers. I still felt like the fat asian girl. I don't feel like that so much now. As I've said before, I'm quite at peace with my body and my fat. If someone else doesn't like it, then I don't care. Despite that, it will take a bit of courage for me to wear this 'ol ModCloth bikini out with friends. I'll just keep in mind that a bikini ready body is any body really, so long as you're comfortable and feel happy with yourself. I bring it up because it is getting too hot in the valley and this means that I'll most likely be using my pool in the afternoons after class. I mean, if you have a pool, you might as well use it right?
Outfit Details: White Tee & Black Shorts (Thrifted) | Polka Dot Bikini Top & Sunnies (ModCloth) | Red Flats & Black Purse (Forever 21)

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