Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review | theBalm It's in the Clutch Lip and Cheek Stain

Product: theBalm It's In the Clutch Lip and Cheek Stain
Cost: $8.50 on Hautelook | Normally $16.99
Link: Order from ModCloth
Review: I'm not the hugest fan of theBalm. I love their blushes and their nail polishes, but I hadn't tried their cheek and lip stain. I never would have bought this at full price if not for the theBalm sale on Hautelook. It was marked down and so I figured, why not? When it arrived in the mail, I immediately wiped off my matte Revlon balm stain and applied Stainiac to my lips. I applied the way I normally would with a product that has an applicator like so but the product itself didn't apply how I assumed it would. The Stainiac has an almost gel-like texture that goes on liquid and it feels really nice. The only problem is that when applied to the lips, it dries in patches and so, you have to wait for the stain to settle before going back in and retouching any spots not covered. I've heard rumors of the Stainiac having a cranberry smell and taste. My Stainiac came with absolutely no smell but when some of it did get in my mouth, it tasted bitter and metallic. It also dried my lips out the more I used it. When I was able to get the colour onto my lips in one consistent shade, I quite liked the colour. It's a nice rosey, natural tint, although, I had hoped that the colour would be more of a pop. The subtle hint of colour is nice though. As a cheek stain, I found it easy to blend and it did lend a very nice little pop of colour. At the end of testing this product out, I decided that I won't be purchasing another one. Especially at $16.99 not including s/h? Yeah, no thanks. Below, I've included swatches of the stain on my wrist, my lips, and my cheeks.
Rating: 3/5

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