Saturday, December 13, 2014

Top 5 | Gifts for Her Under $25!

I'm cutting it close with this post, but you're like me, then you probably wait until the last minute to finish your holiday shopping. If that's the case, then this post is perfect for you. Especially if you're looking for a good gift for any ladies in your life. The following are all form brands that I've tried and really liked. They're also the best bang for your buck. The links provided all link back to Sephora in case you'd like to shop online. Otherwise, you should be able to find them in-store at any Sephora. 

I absolutely adore Benefit. I'm a big fan of their cream eyeshadows and their boxed blushes are so pretty in the packaging and on skin. Anyways, this gift set comes with a full-size of their They're Real mascara and a mini-size of their They're Real! Push Up Liner. For $24, this is a pretty good deal, especially considering that so many people have been praising the liner and the mascara is a popular product amongst the beauty blogger community. This gift set also comes with a small sample package of the makeup remover. I definitely think that this is a steal considering you get a really good lengthening mascara and you get to try a really good gel liner. 

Might be a bit of a weird gift set but at $14 for two full-sized deodorant sticks that are award winning? Um, yes please. Especially since they're vanilla scented. This product is also hypoallergenic which is very good if you're gifting this to someone with sensitive skin. Not only does it provide odor protection, but it also soothes, conditions, and nourishes the skin of the underarm area which is great because that area doesn't get too much love and care and you can't exactly lotion up in there, so this product is A+ in my book. 

A couple months ago, I received a Dr. Jart+ BB cream sampler from Ulta and oh my goodness, I definitely considered shelling out the cash for a full-size because this product is so so SO good. The coverage was just enough (like most BB creams) that my natural skin showed through but strong enough that it evened out my skin-tone and covered up any small blemishes I had. It leaves such a nice and natural looking finish, it just glams up your natural self. The three weeks I used the sample (I had a small package of it cause I was able to request a sample, woot!), I also noticed that my skin looked brighter, was softer/smoother, and clearer. It seemed like the BB cream was helping to lighten any dark spots/acne scars. So, this product makes your skin look gorgeous, it helps your skin, AND it's only $18? Yes PLEASE.

I've only used the liquid liner pens and lip stains from Tarte and uh, I love them so of course I had to include this gift set. It includes their much loved Maracuja Oil, the Maracuja eye treatment, and a collector's edition cheek stain. The set works on your skin with the Maracuja Oil and the eye treatment and then helps you to top off that gorgeous natural skin with just a touch of color. The skin treatments do well to promote brighter, firmer, and smoother skin and everyone likes having nice skin, right? Right.

Another brand that I'm fond of, Korres released this skin brightening trio set which is powered by wild roses. Korres is a great brand with products that I've yet to experience any sort of negative skin reaction to. 

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