Monday, February 24, 2014

Outfit | Winter Heat

February is such a short month. Lemony Snicket once said that since February is the shortest month, you should always try and schedule a miserable month on February. It's not verbatim of the exact quote, but that's the gist of it. I don't identify with is since February's actually been pretty swell for me, but it was the first thing I thought of when faced with the past couple days of sun and warmth. I'm no stranger to the heat and to the sun while the rest of the country is covered in blankets of snow, but I just hoped that maybe, just maybe, the Valley would have an actual winter of cold and rain and wind. It was hopeless. The past couple of days have been sunsoaked and warm. I'm not completely opposed to it though. I got to wear this sunhat that my uncle bought for me in LA ages ago. And I suppose it IS nice to not have to layer up. But since it still tends to get a bit chilly in the evenings, I decided my denim jacket went well with everything else. It's thick but not too thick and thin enough that I can wear it during the day without getting too warm. I wonder how long this streak of heat will last. The weather's been a bit weird. It was cold as hell a week ago and then warm and sunny the next. 
Outfit Details: Denim Jacket, Circle Sunnies, Brown Waist Belt, & White Loafers (Thrifted) | Cream Peter Pan Collar (American Apparel) | Brown Sunhat (Gift) | Jewelry and Coral Polka Dot High Waist Skirt (Forever 21)

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