Monday, March 10, 2014

Outfit | A Little Nerd(y)

This past weekend was the Sacramento Wizard World Comic Con. Originally, my dad and I were intending to go all three days, but we both realized that we couldn't just halt our lives for three days (despite the fact that I do this every summer and every other winter for SacAnime), so we bought Friday/Saturday tickets. Then my dad saw the amount of people and we ended up switching to Sunday tickets. So that's the day we went. It was quite fun and although I only took a very small handful of pictures, I actually saw a lot of people I knew and a lot of cosplays that were really well done. I got to meet James Marsters who played Spike on Buffy and Angel and was also featured on Torchwood, Warehouse 13, and Supernatural. I kind of love him. A lot. When I was younger and watching Buffy, Spike was my guy. So meeting him was amazing. He also said that I was tinier than SMG which surprised him but reminded him of her and he also called me cute and I felt myself know that I could die and be completely okay with it because of that. Pretty pathetic, right? I know, but as a fangirl, it kind of comes with the territory. I wanted to meet Julie Benz who was Darla in Angel and she was Rita in Dexter, but I missed her meeting and signing times. Aw well. I'm pretty satisfied. I bought myself some little knick knacks and got to spend time with my dad. We were completely in our element and it was so cool. Except I almost strangled a guy. So, story time here: I was looking at some t-shirts and I turn and this guy stares at my shirt and then he says "Not to offend you, but do you even watch Doctor Who or did you think the shirt looked cool?" To which I politely replied "Not offended, but yes, I do watch the show. I grew up watching it after school." Then he did offend me "Oh in that case I'll just say that it makes me uncomfortable that women watch Doctor Who now." Then before I can reply, he turns around and starts making jokes about me with his friend. Right in front of me. I just...I was so annoyed. I didn't realize that women watching Doctor Who was even a problem for some people, but I guess it is. Despite that little hiccup, I quite enjoyed myself.
Outfit Details: Red Bag & Denim Shorts (Forever 21) | Cream Cardigan (Gift) | Shoes & Tights (Target) | Doctor Who 'Whovian Institute' Shirt (Ript Apparel?)

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