Saturday, March 22, 2014

Outfit | Restless

I've felt kind of restless the past couple of days. My restlessness was sort of taken care of when a friend and I took a spontaneous drive to San Francisco one night but now it's back. I think it's because I can feel the time ticking closer to events with friends that I'm excited for. There have also been cancelled plans which, normally, I'd be okay with because I'm saving money and I get to stay home, but recently it's just resulted in me being disappointed. It's a weird feeling being disappointed with cancelled plans. Ah well. My spring break is next month and I'm excited for what I've planned with friends. I also plan to use the break to watch some shows that friends have been recommending me and also, starting up on some anime that have been piling up in my list on Netflx Instant. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in my life to watch all of the movies, shows, anime, and read all of the books that I want to. Despite this, I have the most free time out of most of my friends. Meh. I tend to find ways to spend my time. In other news, VidCon is in June which means that I'm three months away from an incredible weekend. I cannot wait for it. Oh god. Out of everything in the summer that I'm excited for, that is the one thing that I'm majorly flailing around about. 
Outfit Details: Pink Sunnies (Modcloth) | Bow Belt, Black Crossbody Purse, & Scalloped Lace Skirt (Forever 21) | Heart Print/Polka Dot Sweater & Denim Jacket (Thrifted) | Green Tights & Embellished Oxfords (Target) | Bow Earrings and Arrow Ring (Gifts)

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