Monday, March 17, 2014

Outfit | Another Cut

So I got a new haircut. I was originally going to get the Mia Farrow but then I decided on the Jean Seberg which is incredibly similar except for the bangs which are less blunt. Occasionally, I get this feeling to chop all of my hair off and that feeling attacked me last week so I went ahead and got one. I kinda feel like an Asian Hazel (TFIOS) only without the tears but I do indeed have an Augustus/Gus of my own. Also, if you haven't noticed, it's gotten warm enough here that I can wear shorts and short sleeves without tights and a cardigan. I both like this and hate it. I'm not the hugest fan of the heat but at least today, it was slightly windy. But even then, I know that this 80 degree weather is just a sign of the 90-100+ degree weather that will be coming in the summer. That is definitely not something I look forward to. Especially considering that Sac Comic Con, SacAnime, AND VidCon take place in the summer. Thankfully, last year at VidCon, it was pleasant weather and everyone smelled nice. I can't say the same about gets hot AND only a tiny percentage of people smell pleasant at SacAnime. It was so bad that I even made a video where I ranted about it and ended up making a few enemies (probably people who don't wear deodorant, cologne, or perfume). 
Outfit Details: Striped Top (Thrifted) | Black Shorts & Black Purse (Forever 21) | Jordans (Gift) | White Sunnies (VidCon)

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