Monday, March 31, 2014

Outfit | Can't help falling in love

This is the first post that I have hoarded for days. I actually wore this last week and just never got around to making the post. Until now. Sort of. Anyway, there were barely any posts last week because it was my boyfriend's spring break (he goes to a UC so he has a different schedule from mine) and I wanted to spend it with him so I didn't have any time to take photos. So let's talk about the awesome week! It was so wonderful. I got to see him practically everyday and every night since Sunday. It's so weird to be in such a happy relationship. In a few days we'll have been together for three months and it has been a wonderful three months. I don't think I've been this happy and optimistic about a relationship ever. But this past week has been just so perfect. I didn't want it to end. It's weird to become so used to seeing someone, falling asleep to them breathing next to you, and waking up to them just being wonderful and perfect. And he's just so great and perfect. Although, I might be taking a break from drinking (alcohol) since I drank A LOT this past week as well. Ooop.
Outfit Details: Plaid Dress & Beanie (Thrifted) | Cream Cardigan (Gift) | Bow Belt (Forever 21) | Green Tights (Target) | Bow Low Heeled Flats (Hautelook)

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