Friday, March 14, 2014

Outfit | Another Night

So I recently got a Canon Power Shot SX50 HS since I thought it was time for a new camera and I needed one that took photos and recorded in HD so that way I wouldn't need to bring two cameras to conventions and on outings. I'm still learning to shoot with it and taking it out on its first outing during the early evening probably wasn't very smart on my part but for the most part, I'm fairly pleased with these photos. I need to get more used to the idea of taking blog photos out in public and although I felt incredibly awkward taking these photos while some friends of mine walked around nearby, I still managed to snap a few photos. I think it's safe to say that evening shooting is something that I won't be attempting again in the foreseeable future. Now, taking outfit photos in public? Yeah, that is something that I still need work some courage up to do. Unless someone else is taking my photo, I don't think I'd be able to do it with just my camera and tripod. And even then, I would have to really trust the person photographing me since I'm the type that would definitely micromanage and ask to see the camera after every shot and I do not know anyone who would tolerate that for me. Anyway, I really like this tulle slipdress I got from Ruche. It is so cute and fun. It's a little bigger on me since the smalls were sold out when I ordered mine so I got stuck ordering a medium, but that's fine. The adjustable straps make it so that I can shorten the hem some. Not a lot, but it's enough. Also! The dress is cheaper on Ruche than on Modcloth. Just saying.
Outfit Details: Magenta Oxford Striped Button-Up (Thrifted) | Just A Crush Tulle Slipdress (Shop Ruche) | Fresh Letterman Sweater & Red Satchel (Forever 21) | Tights (Panther Legwear) | Red T-Strap Flats (Reflections)

RANDOM SHOTS OF FRIENDS + me (Photos taken by Alex Viilla):

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