Monday, September 29, 2014

Top 5 | Makeup YouTubers for Halloween!

In this edition of Top 5, I will be sharing some beauty YouTubers who have some great videos for makeup looks for Halloween. In this one, I will be doing it as a rating system (ex: 5 is the least helpful and 1 is the most helpful). So if you're looking for some easy to do makeup looks, you've found the right place. I hope this list is helpful. If you have any particularly helpful/fun to watch makeup YouTubers, feel free to comment with them :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Inspiration | Keiko Lynn

In this little post, I'd like to talk about one of my favorite and possibly one of the more influential fashion bloggers that I follow: Keiko Lynn. As a WOC and someone who has gotten tired of the waifish blogger that's so popular in the style blogosphere, it was great to "discover" Keiko's blog. She's a style blogger that isn't super thin and a body type that I can relate to. She's also a blogger of Asian descent which is always cool. Especially when all of the Asian bloggers that I have been able to find are more of the modelesque type. Basically, I like a blogger that I can find something in their body style/personal style that I can relate to. Eeesh, did that sentence even make sense? Anyways!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Top 5 | Ways to Wear Tights!

If you know me, then you know that I have quite the collection of coloured tights. Actually, if you've been following this blog since last autumn/winter, then you KNOW that I have quite the collection of coloured tights. So I figured, since it's almost autumn that it's basically almost time for the weather to become cooperative enough for me to wear tights again. And because of that, I thought I'd write up a Top 5 post based around the main ways that I wear tights. I hope you enjoy!
1. Under Shorts
Though I am very fond of wearing skirts and dresses, I do find that a good compromise for not wearing pants/jeans, is wearing shorts. This particular pair of shorts are definitely designed for colder months in that they're made of a thick fabric and are lined for warmth. Wearing tights with shorts grants the freedom of your legs from the constricting feeling of pants/jeans while still providing the freedom of movement that dresses and skirts lack. You can easily transition a pair of dark wash shorts from summer to autumn with just a pair or two of tights. If you're worried about being too cold, I tend to double up/triple up on tights during the colder months. Depending on the opacity and thickness/thinness of your tights, this can make for some really cool color combinations. 

2. Under a Skirt/Dress
>outfit post<
This is the most obvious way to wear tights and the way that majority of people tend to wear them. There's not much I can say about this way aside from how wearing coloured tights can add that perfect pop of colour that an otherwise neutral outfit is lacking. This is also another easy way for you to transition some of your summer pieces and summer outfits into autumn. I do it SO much. I get more wear out of my clothes by doing so.

3. Casually With Sneakers
This is another one of my favourite ways to wear tights. Sometimes during the colder months when I don't feel like wear flats or wearing boots, I slap on a pair of sneakers. When most people wear tights, I feel like they feel the need to just dress the whole outfit up. I don't think that's needed. If you can wear tights under a pair of shorts, you can definitely wear tights with a pair of sneakers. Of course, you should definitely take into consideration the colour palette of your outfit. For example, in the above picture, the main colour I was working with was blue so the top is mint blue with black spots, I'm wearing a navy blue blazer, the tights are pastel blue, and the black skirt is what grounds the outfit. So of course, I had to wear a pair of shoes that had just the right shade of blue that didn't drown amongst the various shades I was already wearing and also helped to pull the outfit together. I decided on these black Jordans with its electric blue strip and hot pink lining, it provided a perfect shade of blue that went with the other shades and an extra pop of colour in the form the of the hot pink lining. Long story short, consider the colours in your closet and the colours of your tights for what colour sneakers to wear. Of course, it's always a good bet to just wear black sneakers like black All Stars or black New Balance 420s.

4. Layered Tights
As I mentioned before, in the colder months, I layer up on tights. For example, here I'm wearing a pale pink pair of tights over a pair of hot pink tights. This resulted in the hot pink being subdued and coming out quite pastel. I do this not just for the added warmth, but as a way to tone down my brighter pairs of tights. This can also work with lace tights wherein your lace tights are worn over coloured tights for a cool design running up and down your legs. 

5. With Boots and Socks
Though I'm not wearing them in that particular outfit post, tights worn with knee high socks and boots is a popular, cute, and warm way to wear tights during the colder months. All you need are some long boots, thick knee/thigh high socks, and some nicely coloured tights (neutral coloured tights work well for this too). This way creates a chic and classy look that I think everyone can pull off. If you're not a fan of long boots, wear booties or wear boots that stop just below the knee (like myself) or mid-calf. With combat boots especially, wearing the thick socks and scrunching them down, and with the tights underneath it all, it's still a chic look, but now there's a touch of an adventurer to the outfit, like a modern explorer. Plus, I think that particular style is just so cool.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Inspiration | An Isle of Sky Elopement

I recently saw these beautiful photos of Laura and Damian's last minute elopement as a photoset on Tumblr. The photographer of the event talked about how it was one of the most memorable moments in her life. The Isle of Skye, which is located in Scotland, is a place that I hope to someday visit. It looks absolutely beautiful and in these photos, it looks like it holds some great faery tales. The epic love between Laura and Damian is definitely one of those. The photos depict their love for one another as well as the beauty of the Isle of Skye. The look of love and happiness and contentedness makes me excited for when I can marry the love of my life, which is something that I have never even thought of until recently but oh man. This elopement is just so beautiful and wonderful and in such a perfect place.

There are more pictures at the source :)

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Outfit | Moon Pride

I don't know if you can tell, but this outfit is pretty heavily inspired by Sailor Moon, hence the Sailor Mars earrings, courtesy of my boyfriend. He also gifted me a pair of Sailor Mercury earrings and they are SO cute. I also lucked out at work with this sailor collar jacket. I keep spending money at work which is counterproductive but whatever. It's discounted clothes in great-new condition plus I get a discount so how am I supposed to stop myself? Especially when they're clothes that are this cute? I can't, that's how.
Outfit Details: Denim Circle Skirt (Forever 21) | Sailor Coat (Crossroads Trading Company) | Sailor Shirt (Thrifted) | Grey Knee High Socks & Booties (Tilly's) | Sailor Mars Earrings (Gift from my boyfriend)

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