Monday, September 29, 2014

Top 5 | Makeup YouTubers for Halloween!

In this edition of Top 5, I will be sharing some beauty YouTubers who have some great videos for makeup looks for Halloween. In this one, I will be doing it as a rating system (ex: 5 is the least helpful and 1 is the most helpful). So if you're looking for some easy to do makeup looks, you've found the right place. I hope this list is helpful. If you have any particularly helpful/fun to watch makeup YouTubers, feel free to comment with them :)

Dope2111, Promise Phan, is a YouTube makeup "guru" that is famous for her Mystique video. She has a plethora of costume makeups and she always nails the look. The only reason she is number 5 is because I find her makeup looks to be incredibly cakey and heavy and feel like they wouldn't be very smart to actually wear out and about. Despite that, I think her costume makeup videos/tutorials are very cool to watch and she does manage to get the looks right. So, if you're planning on staying in or if you don't plan on sweating a whole lot this Halloween season, I think her videos would be perfect.

I didn't really know who Emma Pickles was until a YouTuber, who is an actual MUA (Make-up artist) did a collab with her a few days ago but I like Emma. Her techniques are proper and her looks are nicely done. While I think that her "tutorials" could be done better, her videos are easy to follow and she tends to use products that are typically used in costume makeup which I think is pretty cool.

While Michelle Phan isn't a professional MUA nor does she possess any of the actual learned techniques of an MUA, she HAS made a fortune (and several companies) being a beauty vlogger and her tutorials were some of the first that I remember seeing. Her costume makeup videos are where she really shines I think. She's able to forgo most proper technique and create a makeup look that works for the Halloween season. 

Klaire is one of my favorite makeup vloggers. She's a professional MUA and her costume looks are always so cool and unique in comparison to other beauty vloggers. She also photographs her finished looks so that you can see how the makeup will look photographed as opposed to videoed. She also has separate tutorials for people who haven't used certain costume makeup techniques like how to create scar tissue and things like that.

For those of us who are more fond of simpler looks for Halloween, I bring you, Lisa Eldridge. She is a professional MUA who has worked in Vogue UK, Elle UK, and behind the scenes at London Fashion Week. She is literally blessing YouTube with her beauty and makeup knowledge. Which is why she is number 1. While the rest of this list became known because of YouTube, Lisa was already known because of her work as a professional MUA. Because of this, I definitely trust her videos far more than any other beauty vlogger. While she does not have a specified playlist for Halloween looks, she does have around 5-10 videos of simple makeup looks that could be used for Halloween. For example, the video I posted is her Breakfast at Tiffany's look. I can definitely see myself using one of her tutorials for Halloween just because, like me, she likes makeup that is light and long-wearing without being cakey and acne prone so I know that the makeup will feel nice sitting on my face but still have the enough staying power to stick on my face for however long I need it.

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