Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Inspiration | Keiko Lynn

In this little post, I'd like to talk about one of my favorite and possibly one of the more influential fashion bloggers that I follow: Keiko Lynn. As a WOC and someone who has gotten tired of the waifish blogger that's so popular in the style blogosphere, it was great to "discover" Keiko's blog. She's a style blogger that isn't super thin and a body type that I can relate to. She's also a blogger of Asian descent which is always cool. Especially when all of the Asian bloggers that I have been able to find are more of the modelesque type. Basically, I like a blogger that I can find something in their body style/personal style that I can relate to. Eeesh, did that sentence even make sense? Anyways!

In honor of Keiko's birthday being today, I thought "Why not make a post in her honor?" So I did. To me, Keiko is the epitome of cool, chic, fun, cute, casual, and let's be honest, gorgeous. Her makeup is always A+, I mean, her eyebrow game is on point and her lipstick is always so finely applied. She is just too cool and perfect to me. On top of that, her style is just so perfect. While she tends to stick to similar silhouettes, her style always feels so fresh and new to me, as opposed to bloggers like Kate (Scathingly Brilliant), Rebecca (The Clothes Horse), and Kailey (Mermaidens). And while I do enjoy reading through the aforementioned blogs, their style always feels so formulaic and never changing while in contrast, Keiko's style has evolved as she's aged. I remember when I first started reading her blog a few years ago, she used to mix a lot more vintage pieces in with her daily wear, but recently, her style has been more polished and included more streamlined brands. While it isn't a bad thing to stick to the same stuff (because let's face it, if it works, it works and if it makes you feel beautiful, then stick with it), there is something just so refreshing about Keiko's style. Especially because her outfit posts aren't daily so there's no chance of a reader becoming annoyed or overly critical of her outfits. And even then, her blog posts always have interesting content. Whether it's a makeup/beauty tutorial or a sponsored post, I always find myself invested and entertained when I scroll through her blog.

So, why don't you do yourself a favor and head on over to her blog? I promise you won't regret it :)

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