Friday, October 17, 2014

Review | Stila After Glow Lip Color in 'Vivid Violet'

Product: After Glow Lip Color in 'Vivid Violet'
Cost: $6.00 on Hautelook | Normally $18.00, on sale now for $9.00
Link: Order from Stila
Review: As a lover of plummy lips, when I saw this during the Stila sale on, I knew I had to get this. At the time, I didn't realize that this particular product was on sale on Stila's website. Despite that, I still got this three dollars cheaper than the Stila sale price. Anyways. This is one of their After Glow Lip Colors so named because they reacted under UV Light the same way that a white t-shirt reacts, which is kind of cool and stuff but it's not my thing. Despite not wanting this product for the rave feature, I wanted it for the color and balm purposes. I already have a fairly purple balmstain (as you can see in this post here), but I wanted something a little bit lighter for when I'm not feeling particularly confident enough to wear that shade of purple. Enter 'Vivid Violet'. While it is quite a vivid violet when layered, it is quite a pretty plum when swiped once or twice on and then blotted. When it's blotted, it does take away some of the moisturizing properties but it gives a very nice stain effect that looks pretty on. If you just apply it once or twice, it really is quite moisturizing. It smells like vanilla and cherry (on the site, it says that it's cherry flavored) and if you know me, then you know that I adore the scent of vanilla so I really loved the outcome of the combination of vanilla and cherry scents. I've only used this product 3-5 times but I really like it so far. And of course, like most of Stila's products, the packaging for this is so cute and in keeping in line with the whole "works under UV light" schtick, the tube is black with the lettering on it being the shade of the lip color. It's cute and kind of clever. The only reason that this isn't getting a perfect 5/5 is because of the twisting mechanism. Like with the Stila lip color and eyeliner that I reviewed, the twisting mechanism feels very fragile which is worrisome. Thankfully, those haven't broken or anything, so I have high hopes for this one's longevity.
Rating: 4/5

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