Monday, October 20, 2014

Inspiration | Kailey Flyte of Mermaidens

I originally had this post up but because of my blogspot inabilities, but I accidentally deleted the post so here is the post again! With better and bigger pictures!

Anyway, Kailey Flyte of mermaidens is a favorite blog of mine. Kailey is the most delightful and adorable human ever. The way she dresses is so perfect and fun. I heavily admire Kailey for being able to pull off styles that I wish I could wear but don't have the confidence to attempt to. I know that she used to write about how as a shy person, it makes her nervous to dress in "loud" styles, but I just admire her so much. Despite being a shy person, Kailey still manages to look every bit the confident and cool blogger that she is. Her blog is such a delight. The way it looks is just so pleasing to the eye. Kailey also does graphic art and her art style is just as cute as her personal style. Sometimes, when Kailey posts, I literally cannot believe that this is a person who follows me on instagram and tumblr. I'm still baffled that she even found me, but I also feel very fortunate to have someone as cool and talented and fae-like following me. If you want a dose of pretty and urban fae queen, follow her blog which I've linked to in the above, follow her instagram, or follow her on tumblr. I promise you won't regret it.

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