Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review | Stila Convertible Color in 'Lotus'

Product: Stila Convertible Color in 'Lotus'
Cost: $9 on Hautelook | $25
Link: Order from Stila
Review: This is another Stila product that I ordered along with my after light lip color. I've always wanted to try the convertible colors from Stila since it's a multi-use product, you use it on your cheeks and on your lips. So of course, when I saw that Hautelook was selling it for a huge discount on their site, I had to buy it. I don't need to buy gas THAT badly. I was sad that they didn't have the deep berry shade, 'Poppy' but the one I did end up buying is a shade that looks very natural on my cheeks and on my lips. If you want the same shade that I have, they don't sell the shade on the Stila website so it might have been a Hautelook exclusive. Anyway, I really, really love this product. When I first received it, I used my finger tips to apply it to my cheeks and again, I used my fingers to blend the edges out and it resulted in a pretty and natural flush across my cheeks. I looked like I had just been out in the sun. As a cream blush, I don't use cream blush so this was my first experience with a product like it and I really enjoy it. It's really easy to use and it smells like vanilla. The finish isn't sticky like I'd assume, it left a very nice velvety finish on my cheeks. As a lip color, it was very natural looking on my lips, only better. The only downside is that it's not too hydrating, which I expected. As a lipstick it IS creamy and it does feel nice on the lips once I was applied it to my lips after I had lip balm on. I do love this product though and I look forward to getting 'Poppy' for that perfect berry blush. I highly recommend this product to someone who is building up their makeup bag because of the multi-use aspect of the convertible colors. Since you'll be paying for a beautiful cream blush AND a pretty lipstick, this is a very good investment. I can definitely see myself buying multiple colors of this product.
Rating: 5/5
This is the blush and lip color on me. Pretty natural, eh?

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