Friday, July 19, 2013

Outfit | 뜨거운 일 (hot days)

I took a Korean class like two-three years ago and I did fairly well in it. I used to be able to hold a conversation but since it's been a long while since I've been able to speak it and speak with friends from the class, my Korean's REALLY rusty. I bring this up because in the past couple of days, I've fallen back in love with KPop (Korean Pop music) and Kdramas (Korean dramas). The drama that has gotten me back? Shut Up and Let's Go aka Shut Up! Flower Boy Band. It's one of the better written and better acted dramas that I've seen on Netflix and it stars one of my favourite actors, Jung Euichul. Watching it has got me missing being able to speak Korean as well as I used to. Now, I can barely hold a conversation but I can still pronounce and read it well enough. Ah well. Maybe I'll take another Korean class somewhere down the line when I transfer to a university or maybe I'll just continue to sing the old Kpop songs I'm so fond of.

Outfit Details: Brown bag (Thrifted) | Brown Loafers (ModCloth) | Light Pink Button Up Dress *used as a cardi of sorts* (Thrifted) | Bow Pocket Dress (Thrifted) | Twist ring (Claires) | Glasses (Prescription)

I really like today's set of photos...I might upload them onto Flickr, I like 'em that much.

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