Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Today I had to shoot in my bedroom because our backyard and front yard are being worked on from 7 am - 10 am and I was already leaving with my dad so I thought it'd be a good idea to snap some shots before then. Anyways, I leave for VidCon early tomorrow and I am so excited. I'm sad that my friend Kai won't be going with me this year since we kinda crazy bonded last year but my friend Alysha will be there so I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. A road trip and a weekend dicking around a convention are great ways to get to know people hahaha. I'd also like to note that today I'm wearing pants because I like my body enough today to feel that I feel comfortable enough in pants. I was wrong, but eh. Someday I will get used to the idea of pants being comfortable. That day is not today, but I persevered since I don't think my dad would have been down for waiting an extra five minutes while I got redressed. I also stayed up majority of the night so that I could decide on what I would bring with me and wear while in Anaheim/LA for VidCon. It sounds like an easy task for someone like me, like throw four pairs of tights and four dresses into a bag and I'm good, right? I wish it were that simple. I ended up deciding on bringing one pinafore, a pair of shorts that I can double up on for Thursday and for Sunday, a mini black A-line skirt, and some blouses and shirts along with tights and some beanies. I also packed a light jacket since it is a lot cooler down in SoCal. Deciding on shoes was easy; no heels so I decided on two pairs of oxfords, a pair of flats, and my trusty, albeit beat up, grey converse. This reminds me that I'm in need of some new grey, white, and black converse. I've had my grey and my white converses since 7th grade and they've been with me through concerts, middle school, high school, majority of my community college career, and many an awkward meetup. 

But I digress. Pants are still an uncomfortable article of clothing for me to wear. I only own around three-four pairs of pants and I only ever wear pants if the weather is entirely too cold and my dad forces me with his worrying. I find pants to be completely constricting and unflattering on me since I'm short (4'11"!) and curvy for my height. Pants just seem to accentuate every curve that I dislike. It explains the scowl on my face in today's set. I just can't seem to find the appeal of pants. 

Outfit Details: Polka Dot Skinnies (Old Navy) | Mint Blue Belt (Thrifted) | Navy Blouse (Thrifted) | Black flats (Forever 21) | Bag ( | Glasses (Prescription)

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